Zeri has already received nerfs on LoL patch 12.2 PBE

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends’ newest ADC champion, Zeri, is already getting nerfs on patch 12.2 PBE.

After months of speculations, Riot Games finally revealed League of Legends 158th champion, Zeri – The Spark of Zaun. Riot previously mentioned that Zeri would be lighting fast; well, in PBE she is not only fast with crazy MS but also has a strong Q ability that scale of both AD and AP. And according to many, Zeri’s Q is just the better version of Ezreal’s Q.

Moreover, Zeri having a similar E ability, jumping around the terrains, as Talon also helps her from the bot lane ganks.

Because of her unique gameplay and diverse build paths, some players are already calling Zeri one of the most fun ADC champions in League of Legends. But balance-wise, many players believe she is a bit too “overpowered” because of her insane movement speed during team fights.

Though she has been on the PBE for just a couple of days, League of Legends’ Principal Character Designer, Riot August has confirmed that Zeri has already received nerfs on patch 12.2 PBE.

Zeri Nerfs

  • Q:
    • Uncharged right click damage: 20-50(+.05 AP) >>> 15-40(+.04 AP)
    • Uncharged right click damage mult vs low health: 3x >>> 4x
  • W:
    • Missile speed: 2500>>>2200
  • E:
    • Zeri gets an 800 range vision bubble while dashing in a wall (doesn’t see into brush)
    • Now reveals Zeri to nearby enemies within 800 range while grinding over walls.
  • R:
    • On hit damage: 20-30>>> 10-30

Riot is nerfing all of her abilities on patch 12.2 PBE. Her main source of damage, her Q, is now having lower AD and AP damage when uncharged. Her W’s missile speed also lowered by 300, and R’s on-hit damage is now reduced by ten at the early level.

Zeri is currently on the PBE for testing, and based on feedback, these new changes may or may not go into the live servers on patch 12.2.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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