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Here are the locations of all the Wells you can discover in Hyrule while playing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Being an open-world RPG, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a vast map with abundant exploration opportunities. To keep your gameplay experience fresh and exciting, you are likely to stumble upon various places of interest occasionally.

One of the best additions to Tears of the Kingdom, apart from Link’s new abilities, is the addition of Caves and Wells. These underground passages act like mini-dungeons, with exciting puzzles and rewards waiting for you inside. And sometimes, you’ll even be met with tough enemies guarding these rewards.

Moreover, tracking down all the Wells is also part of a side quest called “Where are the Wells?“. The quest requires you to track down all 58 Wells across Hyrule and report their location back to an NPC named Fera. What’s more, is that she will pay you 10 Rupees for each Well you discover.

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Meaning you can earn up to 580 Rupees just from hunting down all the Wells, and that’s excluding all the precious treasures you find hidden underneath them. This guide lists all the Wells from every region in the Hyrule Kingdom and their exact coordinates.

List of All Wells in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Below are all the Wells in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, along with their location and coordinates.

LocationRegionMap Coordinates
Carok Bridge WellHyrule Field-1042, 0415, 0035
Riverside Stable WellHyrule Field0363, -1124, 0009
Outskirt Stable WellHyrule Field-1459, -1295, 0033
Maritta Exchange Ruins WellHyrule Field-1813, 1622, 0106
Lookout Landing WellHyrule Field-0213, 0133, 0019
Irch Plain WellHyrule Field-0906, 1616, 0106
Bottomless Pond WellHyrule Field0688, -0766, 0021
Mabe Village Ruins WellHyrule Field-0066, -0161, 0025
New Serenne Stable WellHyrule Field-1356, 0698, 0085
Mount Gustaf WellHyrule Field-0912, 0329, 0020
Tabantha Bridge Stable WellHyrule Ridge-2956, 0531, 0169
Zelda’s Secret WellEast Necluda3304, -2302, 0129
Hateno Village East WellEast Necluda3512, -2153, 0129
Hateno Village South WellEast Necluda3386, -2210, 0136
Hateno Village West WellEast Necluda3352, -2050, 0133
Hateno Village North WellEast Necluda3420, -2030, -0137
Kakariko Village WellWest Necluda1874, -1041, 0122
South Nabi Lake WellWest Necluda0784, -1497, 0036
Hills of Baumer WellWest Necluda0317, -2128, 0046
Popla Foothills North WellWest Necluda0594, -2102, 0093
Shadow Hamlet Ruins WellEldin Canyon3057, 2310, 0317
Foothill Stable WellEldin Canyon2619, 1169, 0147
Kara Kara Bazaar WellGerudo Desert-3235, -2602, 0023
Mount Nabooru WellGerudo Highlands-1723, -2238, 0036
Gerudo Canyon WellGerudo Highlands-2817, -2228, 0029
Rauru Settlement Ruins WellGreat Hyrule Forest0661, 1265, 0022
Rowan Plain WellGreat Hyrule Forest-1074, 2329, 0113
Dronoc’s Pass WellHebra Mountains-3834, 2103, 0141
Snowfield Stable WellHebra Mountains-1680, 2588, 0234
Tabantha Village Ruins WellHebra Mountains-2358, 1874, 0278
East Akkala Stable WellDeep Akkala4231, 2778, 0126
List of All Wells in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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