Zed and Riven are getting buff on patch 10.14

Zed and Riven are finally getting some attention from Riot Games with the upcoming buff on patch 10.14.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.14 today. And it seems like, Riot is finally planning to buff two of the most popular champions in the upcoming patch 10.14.

Zed Buff Patch 10.14

  • W Missile speed: 1750 >>> 2500
  • W Cooldown: 22-14 >>> 20-14

Zed didn’t receive any kind of buff in season 10 besides that patch 10.4 buff where Riot thought of making Zed jungle a viable option. Although he has an above 15% ban rate, his win rate is below 50% for quite some now.

His presence is Master+ Elo is pretty much non-existence and his overall win rate in patch 10.13 is 49.39%. Even Dopa thinks that Zed’s current state in Season 10 is pretty bad. But finally, Zed is getting some buffs in the upcoming patch 10.14 to make a comeback into the current meta.

Riven Buff Patch 10.14

  • Passive Damage: 25-50% tAD >>> 30-60% tAD (scales with champ lvl)

Riven is one of the few League of Legends champions who requires a high skill cap in order to master her. She is not everyone’s cup of tea but in the right hand, she is one of the strongest champions in League of Legends.

Although she did receive a buff on patch 10.7, her pick rate or win rate didn’t fluctuate at all. Currently, on patch 10.13, she only has a 3.6% pick rate with just a 49.34% win rate. Thus, Riot is planning to give her some strength to her kit in the upcoming patch 10.14.

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