Yone, Hecarim, Qiyana, and Evelynn are on the patch 10.17 nerf list

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Some of the meta champions are getting some major nerfs in the upcoming patch 10.17.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.17 today. And it seems like some of the meta champions like Yone, Hecarim, Qiyana, and Evelynn are getting some major nerfs in the patch 10.17. For the upcoming small patch, Riot has also targeted Caitlyn and putting an end to Lux and Sona bot lane duo.

Yone Nerf Patch 10.17

  • Q: Base damage: 20-120 >>> 20-100
  • R: No longer lifesteals

After months of speculations, League of Legends 150th champion Yone has finally made his debut on patch 10.16. But apparently even before his release, he received a nerf on the PBE, and now again Riot is planning to nerf him in patch 10.17.

Although Yone only has a 48.76% win rate at this moment on patch 10.16, he has a massive 53.3% ban rate while having a 12.8% pick rate. His high ban rate clearly suggests that players do not like to play against him at this current meta. Therefore, Riot is nerfing his Q base damage at max level and removing lifesteal from his ultimate.

Hecarim Nerf Patch 10.17

  • E: Movement speed: 25-100% >>> 25-85% over 3 seconds

Hecarim is having a fantastic time in League of Legends as currently on patch 10.16 he has one of the highest win rates in two separate roles.

On Jungle he has an astonishing 53.25% win rate with a 10.1% pick rate and on top of that, he also has a 53.09% win rate in the Top lane as well. Therefore, Riot is reducing his E movement speed at the max level on patch 10.17.

Qiyana Nerf Patch 10.17

  • W: On hit damage AD ratio: 20% >>> 10%
  • E: Base damage: 60-200 >>> 60-180

Although Qiyana has a 51.94% win rate, she only has a 2.8% pick rate in Plat+ Elo. Riot however thinks she is not balanced at this moment despite having a low pick rate. As a result, they are reducing her W’s AD ration by 10% and decreasing her E base damage at max level

Evelynn Nerf Patch 10.17

  • Q: Base damage: 30-50 >>> 25-45

With the recent buff on patch 10.16, Riot intended on making Evelynn a decent lane champion. But in spite of helping in the lane, that buff made her Jungler even stronger. Currently, on patch 10.16, she has a 52.69% win rate with an 8.1% pick, which resulted in her getting nerfs on patch 10.17.

All these new patch 10.17 changes are scheduled to go live on Aug 19, 2020.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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