Caitlyn is getting some minor nerfs on patch 10.17 while Varus, Xayah, and Kai’Sa are getting buffs

More ADC changes incoming on patch 10.17 including Caitlyn nerf and Varus, Xayah, and Kai’Sa buff.

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed the patch 10.17 today. And it seems like patch 10.17 is going to feature some more ADC changes featuring Caitlyn nerf and Varus, Xayah, and Kai’Sa buff.

Caitlyn Nerf Patch 10.17

  • Movement Speed: 330 >>> 325

Lux and Sona might be the most dominant bot lane duo right now, but Caitlyn has to be the best ADC at this moment. In season 10, Riot nerfed most of the meta champions, but Caitlyn was one of the few AD carries who didn’t receive any kind of nerfs. And on top of that, Riot even buffed her on patch 10.15.

Which resulted in her being the best AD carry at this moment. She currently has a massive 31.7% pick rate with a 52.68% win rate. Therefore, Riot is planning to nerf her on patch 10.17 by reducing her movement speed by 5!

Varus Buff Patch 10.17

  • Attack speed per level: 3 >>> 3.75%

Because of his high poke damage, Varus was one of the most annoying champions a couple of patches ago. At one point he was banned in every LPL game in the summer split and had around 80% ban rate in Korea. Therefore, he was undergone with a massive nerf on patch 10.14.

But with that nerf on patch 10.14, his win rate falls drastically. Currently, on patch 10.16, he only has a 43.78% win rate which is one of the lowest win rates in League of Legends at this moment. As a result, Riot is planning to buff his in patch 10.17.

Xayah Buff Patch 10.17

  • AD per level: 2.9 >>> 3.5

Even with a back to back buff on patch 10.11 and 10.12, Xayah’s win rate didn’t improve what so ever. She currently only has a 47.59% win rate with just a 3.4% pick rate. Thus, Riot is buffing her once again in patch 10.17.

Kai’Sa Buff Patch 10.17

  • AD per level: 1.7 >>> 2
  • E Attack speed: 40-60 >>> 40-80%

Kai’sa is very similar to Xayah but the only difference she has is having a higher pick rate than Xayah in patch 10.16. But her state is still very inadequate compare to other meta AD carries. Therefore, Riot is buffing her AD per level and E attack speed in patch 10.17.

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