Popular Twitch Streamer xQc Plans To Acquire A League of Legends Team

Twitch Stream xQc said on his stream that he plans to acquire a League of Legends team in the LFL.

League of Legends Esports has been a popular part of the game every season. Different regions have leagues in that multiple teams compete to participate in International tournaments like Worlds and MSI. This year’s Worlds and MSI have format changes to improve the competitions.

With all of the competitions, all the teams compete to gain the different trophies to prove they are the best team in the World. Fans enjoy watching these competitions where players play at the highest level. Hence, these competitions, including the domestic ones, gain a lot of views.

With that said, many people have talked about buying Esports teams in League of Legends. Mr.Beast mentioned in 2022 that he wanted to buy an LCS team at one point. The same thing applies to xQc, as he also talks about buying a League of Legends team. Here is what he said about it.

xQc Buying League of Legends Team

On his stream, xQc mentioned buying a League of Legends team at some point. He was buying a VALORANT team and talked about buying into the League of Legends Esports scene. Jake Lucky on Twitter essentially mentioned the main point xQc talked about.

He intends to buy a French League of Legends team, which would mean buying a team in the LFL. The LFL is the regional French league that is part of the ERL system for the LEC. It is significantly less expensive than the major leagues and has a rabid fanbase. Buying into that league can be great for a new Esports team and business wise as he grows the team’s brand. Hopefully, we will learn more about this soon as xQc discusses it more.

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