Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Find and Open Supply Drops

Wonder what it would be like to get Supply Drops in the middle of the battlefield just like battler royales’ in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Hop in to know how to get the supplies!

The latest JRPG has proved to be quite a successor to its prequel, the second one. Why wouldn’t it be? The graphical improvement, the story, the gameplay, everything that can be improved, has been done just like that. And there are some additional features as well.

We have talked about all the main characters. All of these are part of two kingdoms; The Keves and the Agnean. Usually, they are the ones to get Supply Drops. You will find all the necessary arsenal you need. Needless to say its importance in the middle of the war. Without further ado, let’s get some Supply Drops in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Supply Drops
Supply Drops

Find Supply Drops Xenoblade Chronicles 3

At the very first, you need to complete a certain quest to enable the feature of Supply Drops. In Colony 4 from Chapter 3, you will come across Ethel’s Hero’s Quest; “The Want of Courage.” Complete it to enable the Supply Drops.

Next is to find the Supply Drops. At the time of their appearance, press the ZR button. It will pinpoint the location of the Supply Drops with hot red smoke. Follow it and get to the place. However, you will find some foes guarding the drops with their lives. Just slay’em and get’em.

Moreover, you should also press the ZR button if you find the characters talking about Supply Drops at any moment. Chances are great that you will be directed to Supply Drops once again. Be observant!

Unlock the Drops

Just a moment ago, I mentioned the foes of being around the drops. Finish them before getting to the drops, as you need to clear the area before you can open it. Heads up, check for the aerial ones as well.

Rest is to you. Get to the drop, open it, and grab anything inside. You will find mostly Nopon Coins, meals, and even classes if you are lucky. Good luck with the Supply Drops in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

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