XDefiant: Best Weapons and Weapons Tier List

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Are you looking for the best weapons in XDefiant? If yes, then look no further. I have listed the best weapons in the game.

In XDefiant, you need to fight your heart out with your enemies in intense weapon battles. So, having the best weapons in XDefiant can increase your chance of victory. From a wide number of weapons, you need to choose the right weapons to crush your enemies. That’s where I come in. I’ll tell you which weapons are the best in the game right now, and finally, I’ll give you a tier list of all the weapons so that you can choose which one is right for you.

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Weapons Tier List in XDefiant

Here’s the weapons tier list in the game:

S TierA TierB TierC Tier
ACR 6.8M4A1AA-12686 Magnum
AK-47M60Double BarrelM1911
TAC-50Vector .45 ACPMK 20 SSR
Weapons Tier List in XDefiant

Best Weapons in XDefiant

My Top 7 Best Weapons in XDefiant:

  1. ACR 6.8
  2. MP7
  3. MP5A2
  4. AK-47
  5. TAC-50
  6. M4A1
  7. P90

ACR 6.8

ACR 6.8 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The ACR 6.8 is the best assault rifles and the best weapon in XDefiant. It’s great at both close and far targets because it has high damage with manageable recoil, and takes out enemies quickly. So whether you’re shooting from far away or up close, this gun gets the job done well.

Excellent versatility for all rangesNone
High damage output
Low recoil and easy to control
Fast time-to-kill
Pros and cons of ACR 6.8


MP7 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The MP7 submachine gun is perfect for fighting up close. It’s small but deals a lot of damage, and you can move around really fast with it. Plus, it holds a lot of bullets in its magazine, 135 to be exact. When you’re close to the enemy, nothing beats the MP7.

Extreme close-quarters damageDamage drops off at longer ranges
High mobility
Large magazine capacity
Devastating at point-blank range
Pros and cons of MP7


MP5A2 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The MP5A2 is great for players who like to think strategically. It’s not too strong or weak, just right. You can hit your target accurately, and it doesn’t jump around too much when you shoot. It works well whether you’re fighting up close or a bit further away. Plus, it’s sneaky, so you can surprise your enemies.

Solid damage outputLower fire rate than some SMGs
Effective at close and mid-range
Good accuracy and recoil control
Allows for stealthy gameplay
Pros and cons of MP5A2


AK-47 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The AK-47 is a must-have in any weapon collection, especially in XDefiant. It’s famous for its damage and how quickly it can take down enemies. It’s best for fights at medium distances. But watch out, as recoil is huge when you shoot it, so you need to practice controlling it. If you can handle it, it’s strong.

Immense damage per shotHarsher recoil than some ARs
One of fastest time-to-kills
Moderate fire rate
Excels at mid-range
Pros and cons of AK-47


TAC-50 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

If you like shooting from really far away, the TAC-50 sniper rifle is your best friend. It’s perfect for taking out enemies with just one shot because the damage is high and the bullets travel really fast. Keep in mind that, it’s loud, and it takes a bit longer to shoot again. So, you need to find a good spot to shoot from.

Potential for one-shot killsSlow firing rate
Unmatched long-range capabilityLoud/Not stealthy
High bullet velocity
Pros and cons of Tac-50


M4A1 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

The M4A1 assault rifle is a top pick for good reason. It’s easy to control, deals out decent damage, and works well in any kind of fight, whether it’s up close or far away. Whether you’re new to battles or a pro, you can count on the M4A1 to hit what you aim.

Accurate and reliableNone
Low recoil
Versatile at all ranges
Solid damage output
Pros and cons of M4A1


P90 in XDefiant
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Don’t be fooled by P90’s size. It is small but can shoot a ton of bullets really fast. It’s great for keeping enemies down by shooting a lot at once. But, it’s not as good for shooting far away targets. But if you’re fighting in close spaces or trying to control an area, the P90’s rapid fire will always give you an advantage.

Great for area controlDamage drop off at range
High rate of fireLacks range compared to ARs
Excellent for spraying fire
Pros and cons of P90

These are my pick of the best weapons in the game right now.

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