Heaven will Return to VALORANT Competitive Map Rotation in 8.11 Patch

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Heaven will shortly return to the VALORANT competitive map rotation. Meanwhile, Breeze and Split will be removed from the rotation.

Apart from making changes to agents and weapons, it is also important that Riot Games makes changes to the maps to spice things up. It prevents players from getting bored of the maps and helps the competitive meta to remain fresh.

By map changes, I meant including or removing a map from the ongoing VALORANT map rotation, modifying the existing map, or introducing a completely new map into the map rotation.

In patch 8.00, VALORANT removed Haven from the map rotation and added Icebox back in. So, it has been almost three months since the map rotation was adjusted. However, the wait is over, as Riot Games has confirmed that the next map rotation update will occur with the 8.11 patch in early June.

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Haven in, Breeze and Split Out

Haven in, Breeze and Split Out

When Riot Games removed Haven from the pool with the introduction of Episode 8, a significant percentage of the community was bummed. But they knew it was going to happen eventually, especially after knowing it had been in the map rotation for the longest time. However, the community is even more shocked now after learning the map is already making a return to the map pool in the same Episode.

On the other hand, Breeze and Split will leave the rotation for a second time. Split’s exit seems reasonable, given that it has been in the rotation since 6.00. However, the community is surprised that Breeze, which only recently returned to the map rotation with the 7.04 patch, is already leaving. However, they are not complaining because most players did not enjoy Breeze in the first place.

A New Map is Dawning!

Since Riot Games introduced the competitive map rotation, there have always been 7 maps. So, if they are removing 2 maps from the rotation and bringing only 1 back, it only means that they are releasing a new map with the 8.11 patch.

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