Wukong is getting hotfix nerfs in just after two days of his rework release in patch 10.6

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Wukong just received a rework in the patch 10.6. And now just after two days of his rework release Riot is planning to give Wukong a hotfix nerf.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter tweeted that, “We have a Wukong Hotfix coming to you this afternoon. He’s really fun now, but needs a slight nerf”.

Wukong’s Hotfix Nerfs are:

Passive: 8 >>> 10 stacks. 62.5% >>> 50% per stack

W Cost: 60 >>> 80-40

W Clone Damage: 50 – 70% >>> 40 – 60%

Base HP: 5 >>> 4

Wukong had been out of meta for quite a time and in patch 10.6 Riot decided to give him a rework. And this rework helped him to become a strong bruiser, assassin or even jungler.

Regarding the rework Riot Games said, “One of our primary goals of this update is to give Wukong more of that true trickster playstyle that it felt like he was missing. As a result, we’re giving his combat pattern more versatility and ways to outplay his opponents”.

After the rework Wukong currently has a 54.90% win rate and a 8.3% pick rate in the Top lane. He also has a massive 29% ban rate. Having a 55% win rate just after the release does not seems to be balanced in Riot’s eye. As a result, they are hotfix nerfing Wukong in patch 10.6.

But a Wukong main HaRAMbe does not agree that Wukong is busted or anything. He said, “Wukong’s win rate is only high because of his Double Knockup ulti… and the fact that half the people didn’t even read the patch notes and claim that it’s a bug”. He also thinks Riot’s decision on nerfing Wukong is not justified.

Wukong might not be broken but having a 55% win rate is not ok. And his win rate and play rate might dramatically fall after the nerfs.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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