Worlds 2023 Play-In Draw Results

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Here are the Draw Show results for the Play-Ins of Worlds 2023 after the LEC 2023 Grand Finals.

With the LEC 2023 Grand Finals ending, we now look towards Worlds 2023. All the leagues around the world have ended as the Worlds 2023 Participants are now set. Worlds 2023 is set to boast a new format that will change how we see League of Legends Esports.

MSI 2023 was a huge success with the changes, as we saw a lot more competition in the tournament. We saw the rise of BLG and JDG hoisting their first international trophy. All in all, it was a great tournament to watch.

There is a lot of anticipation for Worlds 2023 with the new format and all. Also, Worlds 2022 gave us one of the biggest upsets of LoLEsports history with the DRX win. So, with all eyes on Worlds 2023, here are the draw results for Worlds 2023 Play-ins.

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Draw Result

In this year’s Worlds 2023 Play-ins, more teams will fight in a series format to determine which teams go to the Swiss Stage. The teams in the Play-Ins are as follows.

The teams were divided into two Pots. Here are the Pots

Pot 1

  • CTBC Flying Oyster
  • GAM Esports
  • PSG Talon
  • Winner of Worlds Qualifying Series

Pot 2

  • Detonation FocusMe
  • LOUD
  • Movistar R7
  • Team Whales

So here are the results of the draw.

Worlds 2023 Play Ins Draw Results

There are two brackets in the Play-Ins stage, and each Pot 1 team is paired up with a Pot 2 team. No region has two teams in the same bracket, so we have different regions on each side of the Play-Ins stage. All of the games are Best of 3, and each side has lower brackets.

Winners of the Upper Brackets and Lower Brackets play in a best of 5 to determine the two teams going to the Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023.

Bracket A

In this Bracket, VCS #1 Seed GAM Esports will face CBLOL #1 Seed LOUD. This will be an action-packed matchup between two teams who have dominated their respective regions. For the other matchup, we have PCS #1 Seed PSG Talon vs LLA #1 Seed Movistar R7. Similar to the previous matchup, this will also be between two powerhouses of their respective regions.

This bracket is a lot more competitive, and it is hard to figure out who takes the Upper Bracket Win. However, with a Lower Bracket in place, we are going to see a lot of close games in this side of the Play-Ins.

Bracket B

This one is a lot more open as Golden Guardians/BDS will play Team Whales, a newcomer for the VCS. Meanwhile, CTBC Flying Oysters will play Detonation FocusMe for their first series. This could be a bracket where the EU/NA team runs it, or we could see a surprise run from the rest of the teams.

Regardless, the other side of the Bracket is stronger, so whoever wins Bracket B still has a tall task later on to get to the Swiss Stage.

With that said, now we await the start of Worlds 2023 in October 9, 2023, as we are ready to see LoLEsport’s biggest tournament in action soon.

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