Worlds 2022 Pick’Em Crystal Ball Results After Quarterfinals

In this article, I will be breaking down the World’s 2022 Pick’Em Crystal Ball Results and what to expect going forward.

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has been a fun tournament thus far, with many great games to watch. Throughout the tournament, fans could enjoy the games in the stadium and at home. We have a lot to look forward to with the semifinals starting this weekend.

Pick’em are usually a big part of the tournament. Fans and viewers try to guess which team will win, and so on. Riot introduced a new pick’em system this year. With the new system, Riot has made things interesting by getting the fans more involved with the meta and the games.

Thus, in this article, I will talk about each crystal ball category one by one, explaining why their results are like this so far and what to expect them to look like at the end.

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Crystal Ball Results

Let’s discuss all the crystal ball categories in the Crystal Ball Predictions of Worlds 2022. They are as follows.

  • Champions
  • Players
  • Teams
  • Events

Each category has five questions, and you get points ranging from 30-100 points for each question you get right. So there are a lot of points to gain. The reward was a Worlds 2022 capsule for each one you participated in. Also, the people at the top in terms of points will get other rewards with the perfect pickers who will get all Ultimate Skins for free. A detailed Reddit post has details on what is the Crystal Ball results so far.

So, let’s dive into each category one by one, talk about the questions in the categories, and the result of those thus far.


As mentioned, there were five questions in each category. There are five questions in the Champions category. So, let’s start a breakdown for each of them one by one.

1. Who will be picked the most during Champion Select at Worlds?

After the Quarterfinals, the most picked champion is Sejuani, with 45 picks. Behind her is Sylas, with 43 choices in 2nd. Lastly, Aatrox and Maokai shared 3rd spot with 42 picks each. This is primarily picked and not presence in drafts since the presence award clearly goes to Aatrox. To analyze why this is the case, we need to understand where the champions are being used.

Initially, Maokai was the hot pick of Worlds 2022, but as more players started picking it, teams realized fairly quickly that he could be exploited. That’s not to say that Maokai is not a strong pick. It’s just harder to win with him without the right team composition around him. His win rate is 50%, showing you how much of a priority he is. Also, he is played in both the top lane and the jungle. Expect his number to rise a fair bit.

Tied with Maokai is Aatrox, and this is one number that will not rise most likely. Given Aatrox’s strength in Patch 12.18, he will probably be on the permabanned list. If he is not banned, then some teams are definitely making a mistake. So expect Aatrox picks to slide further down the rankings.

Sylas is definitely one of the hottest picks, given how many solid matchups and teamfight setups he excels in for the current meta. His ability to steal and use the ultimate key to his team’s advantage is an immense boon. However, we have seen in the quarterfinals that teams are more willing to dedicate bans for him, so his number may not rise.

Lastly, we come to Sejuani, the champion who will most likely take the crown for this question in the categories. Being picked in two different roles, Sejuani is one of the more versatile champions in this current patch.

As it stands, all of the remaining teams barring JDG, put a high priority on Sejuani, and we should expect that to stay the same. The bigger question will be whether a team decides to throw bans at her for the rest of the tournament. Only then can Sejuani be toppled for the top points-getter for this question.

Thus in the future, I expect Sejuani to be at the top of this ranking and Sylas to remain 2nd. There isn’t a number difference, but given both champions have a high ban rate, the status quo should remain.

2. Who will be banned the most during Champion Select at Worlds?

This is pretty much the opposite of the first question. As it stands, the crown is going to Caitlyn, a champion banned throughout the tournament for a grand total of 75 times. Yuumi is not far behind with 72 bans, while Aatrox sits at 70.

Caitlyn is the champion that has been banned in most games, especially later in the tournament. Teams are unwilling to give her to other teams, although her win rate is quite low, with 10 games under her belt. It seems teams understand that giving Caitlyn to the opponent team is surrendering pressure in the bot lane. Thus, they would rather not deal with it.

A similar case could be made for Yuumi, as she has terrorized professional play once more. Teams have no idea how to counter the cat, but some teams like Gen.G could take a shot at trying to do so. However, given how the rest of the teams operate, they will likely ban the champion just to avoid the hassle.

I already talked about Aatrox and how dominant he is in the top lane. Just put him on the ban list because of how strong the champion is. His presence shows that nobody wants to give the champion away.

Thus, I expect the bans statistics to stay around the same range. Neither of these three champions barring Yuumi at times, will be let through, so Caitlyn is expected to take the mantle.

3. Who will have the highest Winrate at Worlds? (minimum five games played)?

Sivir has the highest win rate with 91.7%, Yuumi is at 85.7%, and Yone is at 83.3%. To clarify, only the champion with a minimum of 5 games played is what counts. All the champions mentioned are at a high win rate for different reasons.

Sivir is still a fairly niche pick at Worlds 2022 and is normally paired with Yuumi. Teams ban Yuumi in many games, so Sivir is not quite jumping up the games played. If the Yuumi bans stay consistent, Sivir should stick to the win rate she is still at.

Yuumi will be in the same boat, given that teams will likely ban her. So, Sivir and Yuumi will be around the same win rate. The wild card here is champions like Yone, who is at third sitting at 83.3%, and Ahri or Jinx, who sit tied at 4th at 80%. Chovy is still in the tournament, so we could see some Yone play.

Also, given how Chovy plays that champion, his win rate might rise to overtake Yuumi and possibly Sivir. The same argument for Ahri since many of the remaining mid-laners play Ahri quite well. So this race could be very contentious if the trend remains that Yuumi is on the ban list. Most teams will not pick Sivir with any other support, as champions like Lucian, Draven, Aphelios, Kalista, etc., exist in the meta.

4. Who will be played in the most different Roles at Worlds?

As it stands, Maokai and Seraphine are tied, with the champions being played in three different roles. Maokai is played in Top, Jungle, and Support, while Seraphine is played in Mid, ADC, and Support. This will be short as my opinion is straightforward regarding this. The race for this question is already done, as we won’t see Mid or ADC Maokai, and we won’t see Top or Jungle Seraphine.

So unless another champion like Sejuani or Sett is played in another role. We will likely see the highest number of roles played by one champion at 3. Also, most likely, those champions will remain Maokai or Seraphine. The reason is that none of the other champions that have played 2 or more roles are quite equipped to play up to 4, as not all champions can be ADC or Support. Thus, that is what I think.

5. Who will have the total Deaths at Worlds?

Currently, the highest number of deaths for Worlds 2022 is Maokai at 127. Second is Sejuani with 114 deaths, and third is Aatrox at 110. This race will boil down to the top two champions on the list. Aatrox will be permabanned at this rate, and Sejuani’s stock is rising while Maokai’s stock is going down a bit.

So we could really have a contest on our hands. However, my opinion is that it will likely remain Maokai. The champion is still fairly popular, and he will be picked enough and be the frontline for most games, so he will likely be dying first. So, it will be close, but I expect Maokai to have the highest deaths when the tournament is done and dusted.


This category is five questions regarding players and their performances for Worlds 2022. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. Who will have the highest KDA at Worlds?

This question tackles the fact of which player will end up with the highest Kill Death Assist Ratio (KDA) at Worlds 2022. So far, the highest is Gumayusi for T1, followed by Keria from T1 and Upset from Fnatic. Two of the three players are still in the tournament, so they still have a chance to jump or dip.

Gumayusi and Keria have played safe in the lane and have not really tried to play out of their comfort zone. Thus, they are at the top of the KDA list. However, with tougher series coming up, expect them to have some problems maintaining the KDA. It is unlikely that both dip below Upset, but we could easily see some jumps up and down with harder matches coming up.

2. Who will play the most different champions at Worlds?

As we stand, Beryl from DRX is in the lead on this question, with Evil Geniuses’ Vulcan and RNG’s Ming being tied at first. All three players have played 11 unique champions at Worlds 2022. That goes to show how open the meta is at the moment.

With that said, expect Beryl to throw out more unique champions over the remainder of the tournament. He definitely has some curveballs for Gen.G in the upcoming Semifinals. For now, Ming, Beryl, and Vulcan are tied, but we can easily see Beryl taking the lead if he pulls out another pocket pick.

3. Who will get at least one Pentakill at Worlds?

Only two players have gotten a pentakill: Upset from Fnatic and Shogun from Saigon Buffalo. There are still three series left, so we can hope to see more Pentakills, but Upset and Shogun are in the lead now.

We still have great ADCs left in the tournament, such as Ruler, Deft, Hope, and Gumayusi, so either of them could get it. Typically ADC players get the pentakills, so my bet would be with either of the four ADCs left. However, at best, it will be a tie at first for multiple people since two pentakills are unlikely, given how the tournament is going and how many series are left.

4. Who will get the most First Blood Kills at Worlds?

As it stands, the player will the first blood kills is GALA at five. He has played a number of games since the play-ins, so this is to be expected, given the number of games. This stat could change at any time, given only 5 first blood kills are done, and several players will still be in the hunt to get it.

5. Who will get the most Kills in a single game at Worlds?

The player with the highest kills in one game is currently Shogun from Saigon Buffalo with 18 kills, followed by UNF0RGIVEN from MAD Lions with 14. So many players are still left who could overtake 18 kills, but it’s likely given how most of the teams left are not that bloodthirsty. Thus, I would not be surprised if Shogun kept that record for this tournament despite him not being in the tournament any longer.


Let’s discuss some team statistics for the Crystal Ball in Worlds 2022.

1. Which team will win Worlds?

Four teams remain in the tournament: JD Gaming, Gen.G, T1, and DRX. JDG and T1 face each other in the first semifinal, while Gen.G and DRX will face each other in the second. This will be a contest between the four remaining teams to win Worlds 2022. Any of them could win it all.

2. Which team will place 1st in Play-In Group A?

Fnatic has won Group A in the Play-ins. Thus, this is done and dusted as well as the next question.

3. Which team will place 1st in Play-In Group B?

DRX won Group B in the play-ins, so this question is also answered. The points are locked in for whoever got it right.

4. Which team from a region with 2 seeds or less will advance furthest through Worlds?

This question has two teams tied with CTBC Flying Oysters and GAM esports, both in the Groups Stage. As the question asks which team will go the furthest, both ended their tournament in the Groups Stage. Hence, both are the right answers.

5. Which team will play the most different Champions at Worlds?

As it stands, Evil Geniuses is the team that has played the most different champions at Worlds 2022, with 43 unique champions. DRX and RNG are 2nd with 36, and SGB and DFM are 3rd with 32.

As only one of the teams mentioned above is left in the tournament, we could see DRX getting the crown for this. However, the 7 champion difference is a fair bit unless the team has planned many unique champions to go against Gen.G. That will be one thing to watch in the Semifinals.


Now to move on to Event questions. This is pretty much based on objectives killed, how long games are, and the like.

1. How many Reverse Sweeps will there be at Worlds (out of 11 total BO5s)?

So far, there has only been one with DRX reverse sweeping EDG. As there are only 3 Bo5s left, we could see maybe one more, but either one or two Reverse Sweeps would be the best bet, given how the tournament has gone so far.

2. How many Pentakills will there be at Worlds?

There have been two Pentakills at Worlds 2022 so far, and we also mentioned this in the Players’ category, with two players being tied for 1 Pentakill each. There could be more, as three series are still left with the likes of Ruler, Chovy, Gumayusi, Deft, Kanavi, etc., left in the tournament.

3. What will be the Duration of the longest single game at Worlds?

The longest game so far is 44 minutes 51 seconds, with Gen.G vs. DK in Quarterfinals 1. The question was about different options in time ranges, so whoever has that nailed down so far should get it. It’s unlikely any game will be longer than that, but anything could happen.

4. How many Baron Steals will there be at Worlds?

There have been many Baron steals in the tournament, with the number currently being 7. Expect to see a lot more with the way the tournament has gone. We could easily go double digits with it.

5. Which Drake will be killed the most at Worlds?

It’s very close to the Drakes killed in the game. The numbers are as follows:

  1. Hextech Drake: 100 Kills
  2. Infernal Drakes: 94 Kills
  3. Ocean Drake: 92 Kills
  4. Cloud Drakes: 90 Kills
  5. Mountain Drakes: 85 Kills

It’s pretty close with the first 4 Drakes, as there are only 10 Kills separating them. Hextech Drakes and Infernal Drakes are the highest priorities for teams, so either one would be the most drake killed when it’s all said and done. I would bet on Hextech Drake since that is the most drake killed in the tournament.

In Conclusion

These are the Crystal Ball Categories and Picks and how they stand so far. We will do another update after the tournament progresses, so keep an eye out on our website and social media handles.

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