Will Verdansk Remastered be Able to Revive Warzone 2.0?

Will Verdansk remastered be able to revive Warzone 2.0 from its current state? Players have been curious about the potential of Verdansk in Warzone 2.0’s realistic setting.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is the direct sequel to Warzone 1. Warzone 1 is the second BR live-service title in the CoD universe. The game featured new and improved MW19 mechanics, making it different from other BRs.

Aside from the new and improved in-game mechanics, Warzone 1’s success was mostly due to its map Verdansk which was set in the MW universe. The unique Soviet-like map differed from traditional BR maps as it featured diverse biomes and landmarks.

On the contrary, Warzone 2.0 moved to Al Mazrah, the biggest map after Verdansk. Both maps feature some similarities, however, Al Mazrah’s pacing seems much slower. In the face of the recent player count decline, many players in the community are curious about Verdansk making a return in Warzone 2.0.

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Will Verdansk Remastered make any difference?

In a recent Reddit thread by u/waterdlyed, the user asked other players if Verdansk Remastered would make the game more enjoyable for everyone if it made its way back to Warzone 2.0.

Another user, bugistuta was quick to share his thoughts on the matter by pointing out that the current in-game mechanics won’t make it fun. Warzone 2.0’s revamped in-game mechanics have made the game much slower.

FlagHamster also shared the same take regarding Warzone 2.0’s backward move from Warzone 1. The QOL improvements in Warzone 1 made the game perfect before it reached its end cycle. Removing those QOL changes has taken Warzone 2.0 back to the initial point that Warzone 1 managed to come out from.

Most comments on the thread discussed how the map is not the problem. The main issues are the slow and clunky movements, ttk, and overall unoptimized gameplay. Players have been vocal about these issues on social media since the game’s launch.

So, bringing Verdansk back won’t fix the problem or make the game more enjoyable. Al Mazrah is an excellent map, however, the game’s clunky mechanics are the problem players are unhappy about. The only way Warzone 2.0 will become more enjoyable is if the devs make changes taking player feedback into account.

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