Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play Mode: Everything We Know So Far

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Warzone 2.0 is getting Ranked Play soon, allowing players to test their abilities. Here’s everything we know about Warzone 2.0’s Ranked Play.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is the direct sequel to Warzone. Borrowing core mechanics from its predecessor, Warzone 2.0, is a brand new battle royale experience for players. Furthermore, new game modes like Unhinged BR and DMZ have managed to gain popularity in the player base.

However, Warzone 2.0 players are hungry more as they demand a Ranked Play mode. Ranked Play has been a permanent game mode in BOCW and Vanguard. Moreover, MW2 is also getting a Ranked Play in Season 3 Reloaded.

But the main player concern is when Ranked Play will arrive in Warzone 2.0. If you are curious about Warzone 2.0’s Ranked Play, then you are in luck, as here’s everything we know about Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play mode.

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Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play

The developers have mentioned that they aim to add a Ranked Play mode in Warzone 2.0 during the CoD Next in June. IW’s Stephanie Snowden stated while discussing Warzone 2.0, “We’ve been listening to the conversations in the community, specifically about small maps, RICOCHET anti-cheat, Ranked Play, and beyond.”

On the heels of Multiplayer Ranked Play in Modern Warfare 2 comes Warzone Ranked Play (BETA), an experience featuring competitive settings, a progressive rank system, a visual skill system, and seasonal rewards, all in the epic Battle Royale setting. This will launch in Season 03 Reloaded in its Beta before it launches in full force in a future season.

How will Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play work?

Start from Bronze and continue climbing the ranks through winning matches, getting high placements, and earning eliminations through a Skill Rating system tailored for a Battle Royale ranked mode:

  • All players begin our first Competitive Season in Bronze I with 0 SR.
  • Players earn SR based on match performance, with SR awarded for Kills, Assists, and outlasting other Squads. 
  • Breakdown: Earning SR
    • Kills and Assists
      • Players gain SR over the course of each match each time they get a Kill or assist, with Kills and assists being treated equally to encourage teamwork between Squadmates. 
      • Players will also receive some SR each time a Squadmate gets a Kill, even if they don’t contribute to the Kill. 
      • To reward high-stakes Kills late in the game, SR increases over the course of each match based on the number of Squads left alive:
        • 21+ Squads Remaining: +5 SR per Kill/Assist, +2 SR per Squadmate Kill
        • 3 – 20 Squads Remaining: +7 SR per Kill/Assist, +3 SR per Squadmate Kill
        • 1-3 Squads Remaining: +15 SR per Kill/Assist, +7 SR per Squadmate Kill
    • Final Placements
      • Additionally, players earn SR based on final placement at the end of the match:
        • Top 40: +5 SR
        • Top 30: +10 SR
        • Top 20: +20 SR
        • Top 10: +30 SR
        • Top 5: +45 SR
        • 3rd: +60 SR
        • 2nd: +80 SR
        • 1st: +100 SR
      • Player’s will see this SR added throughout a match. Reach Top 40 and you’ll gain 5 SR. Reach Top 30 and you will see another 5 SR for a total of 10 SR.
    • SR Tracker
      • Players will be able to see and track SR earned via Kills, Asists, Unassisted Squadmate Kills, and Placements on a visible tracker in-game.
        • The SR Tracker will be visible while alive or spectating a Squadmate and will always display your own SR for the current match.
        • If your team is eliminated, the SR Tracker will be hidden when spectating an Enemy Squad, and your final earned SR will be shown in the After Action Report.
  • Breakdown: Deployment Fees
    • At the beginning of each match, a Deployment Fee is deducted from each player’s current SR total.
    • The higher the player’s Skill Division & Tier, the higher the Deployment Fee. This ensures that each division has increasing performance expectations and player’s must exceed those expectations to progress. 
    • Players must earn this amount of SR in the following game if they wish to advance towards the next Skill Division or Tier. Failing to earn back the Deployment Fee will result in players losing SR for the match.
      • Bronze I-III: No Deployment Fee
      • Silver I: -10 SR
      • Silver II: -14 SR
      • Silver III: -18 SR
      • Gold I: -23 SR
      • Gold II: -28 SR
      • Gold III: -33 SR
      • Platinum I: -39 SR
      • Platinum II: -45 SR
      • Platinum III: -51 SR
      • Diamond I: -58 SR
      • Diamond II: -65 SR
      • Diamond III: -72 SR
      • Crimson I: -80 SR
      • Crimson II: -90 SR
      • Crimson III: -100 SR
      • Iridescent: -110 SR + 10 SR every 500 SR above 10,000, up to a max Deployment Fee of -210 SR.
  • Players can progress through eight Skill Divisions by reaching SR milestones:
    • Bronze – Starting Division
    • Silver – 900 SR 
    • Gold – 2,100 SR 
    • Platinum – 3,600 SR 
    • Diamond – 5,400 SR 
    • Crimson – 7,500 SR 
    • Iridescent – 10,000 SR 
    • Top 250 – 10,000+ SR
  • Division Tiers: All Divisions except for Iridescent and Top 250 have 3 Tiers – Tier I, Tier II & Tier III. Climb into higher Tiers as you advance your way through each Division. 
  • Show Off Your Skill: It’s easy to see which Division someone is in in Warzone Ranked Play. Your entire Rank Icon will change color and material depending on your current Skill Division. Your current Tier is also prominently shown in the center of your Rank icon.
  • End of Season Skill Setback: At the end of each Season, your ending Skill Division will determine where you start the following season:
    • Bronze through Crimson players start in Tier I of the Skill Division below where they finished in the previous season.
    • Iridescent and Top 250 players will start in Diamond I.

Top 250 Leaderboard & Division

  • The Top 250 Division drops into Warzone, ranking the top 250 Ranked Play players in the world on an in-game Leaderboard that all players can view from within the Warzone Ranked Play lobby.
    • The Top 250 will be active from Day 1 of each Season. 
    • Players will qualify for the Top 250 and appear on the Leaderboard as they surpass 10,000+ SR. The top 250 players with the highest SR above 10,000 will remain on the board and compete for 1st place over the remainder of the Season.
  • Ultimate Bragging Rights: In addition to new Rank and Seasonal Rewards in Warzone 2, the #1 Ranked Play player will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind Calling Card and Emblem at the end of each Season.

Player Skill Rating is based on player match performance. Players must get assists and eliminations, and place high within the match to increase their SR. Entering a match requires a modest SR entry free, see the end-of-match SR summary for a rundown of your SR adjustments. The best of the best will be featured in the Top 250 Skill Division, as well as on a public leaderboard for all to see.

Match Ruleset

  • Map
    • Al Mazrah
  • Mode
    • Battle Royale
  • Squad Size
    • Trios
  • Max Player Count
    • 150
  • General Gameplay
    • Disabled
      • Gulag Entry Kit
      • Redeploy Pack
      • Squad Assimilation
      • Multi-Circles
    • Adjusted
      • Spawn Protection
      • Reduced to 2.5 seconds, down from 10 seconds in standard Battle Royale
  • Weapons/Equipment
    • Disabled
      • Riot Shield
  • Events
    • Disabled
      • Fire Sale
      • Jailbreak
      • Restock
  • Vehicles
    • Disabled
      • Turreted Land Vehicles
      • Turreted Water Vehicles
      • Heavy Chopper

Ranks & Rewards

Image via callofduty.com
  • Warzone Ranked Play joins Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Ranked Play to deliver the most rewarding competitive Call of Duty experience ever, with a variety of valuable rewards available to players at launch and Season after Season.
  • Unlocked Rewards can be used in Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0. Unlock what the mode has to offer to show off your Rank and Skill wherever you play.
  • Ranks & Rank Rewards
    • Separate from the player’s SR and Skill Division is Rank. Rank persists across Seasons to celebrate the player’s journey across their Ranked Play career. 
    • All players start at Rank 1 and can progress to Rank 50.
    • Players increase their Rank by earning Stars. Each match has the ability to award three (3) Stars dependent on match placement. Earn enough Stars to reach the next Rank.
      • Stars awarded by Placement:
        • Top 25: 1 Star
        • Top 10: 2 Stars
        • 1st Place: 3 Stars
    • Every 5 Ranks players will progress their Rank icon and unlock a set of Rank rewards:
      • Rank 5: ‘Ranked and Reckless’ Vehicle Skin for use with the GMC Hummer EV.
      • Rank 10: ‘Good Sweat’ Emblem 
      • Rank 15: ‘Lost Full’ Sticker
      • Rank 20: ‘Bot Collector’ Weapon Charm
      • Rank 25: ‘Hot Drop’ Animated Emblem
      • Rank 30: ‘Ranked Play Win Tracker’ Gun Screen that displays the player’s lifetime Warzone Ranked Play win total. 
      • Rank 35: ‘Bot Patrol’ Sticker 
      • Rank 40: ‘Ranked Demon’ Large Decal
      • Rank 45: ‘Frying’ Weapon Charm
      • Rank 50: ‘Ranked Veteran’ Emblem & Skin for use with both CDL Male & Female Operators on both Factions.
    • Each Rank Milestone also unlocks a Calling Card that represents the player’s achieved Rank. 
  • Season 03 Rewards
    • In addition to Rank Rewards, each Ranked Play Season will give players the opportunity to earn exclusive limited-time rewards. 
    • Throughout the Season 02, players can earn the following rewards:
      • Placement Challenges
        • Finish ‘Top 15’ 25 Times: ‘Salty’ Large Decal
        • Finish ‘Top 5’ 10 Times: Pro Issue Chimera Blueprint
        • Finish 1st Place: ‘Crowned’ Weapon Charm
      • Kill & AssistChallenges
        • Get 25 Kills or Assists: ‘Season 03 Competitor’ Sticker
        • Get 100 Killsor Assists: ‘Ranked Play Season 03’ Loading Screen
        • Get 500 Kills or Assists: ‘Season 03 Ranked Veteran’ Camo
  • End of Season Division Rewards
    • At the end of each Season, players will be awarded Skill Division rewards that represent their highest attained Division that Season.
      • Seasonal Division Rewards
        • Each Ranked Play Season will have a unique set of Division Rewards awarded at the end of the Season to celebrate the player’s highest Skill Division reached that Season. 
        • The Season 03 rewards are as follows:
          • Top 250: ‘Season 03 Top 250’ Weapon Charm, Emblem, and Calling Card
          • Iridescent: ‘Season 03 Iridescent’ Weapon Charm, Emblem, and Calling Card
          • Crimson: ‘Season 03 Crimson’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
          • Diamond: ‘Season 03 Diamond’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
          • Platinum: ‘Season 03 Platinum’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
          • Gold: ‘Season 03 Gold’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
          • Silver: Emblem
          • Bronze: Emblem
      • Ranked Play First Place: The player who finishes Season 03 in the #1 position on the Top 250 Leaderboard will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind Calling Card and Emblem for the ultimate bragging rights.

Competitive Integrity Features

  • Squad Backout / Match Cancel: If you lose a matchmade teammate before the match begins, your squad will be taken back to the lobby so you don’t start the match shorthanded. If too many squads get backed out before the match begins, we will return everyone to the lobby to find a better match.
  • Suspensions & Penalties: Disconnecting from matches early will result in SR Penalties and Matchmaking Suspensions. Repeated disconnects will result in higher SR Penalties and longer Suspensions.
  • SR Forgiveness: If a matchmade teammate disconnects during a game, you won’t lose any SR for the match. You’ll still be able to gain SR if you manage to gain more than your Deployment Fee. 
  • Demotion Protection and Division Stickiness: Everytime you are promoted to a new Division, you’ll gain 3 games of Demotion Protection where you won’t lose any SR. Once those games have passed, if you happen to lose enough SR where you would normally get demoted, we will set you at the Division SR floor (Gold would be 2100 SR for example) to give you one more chance before getting demoted.
  • Party SR Restrictions: To ensure competitive fairness and balance of matches in higher Skill Divisions, players in certain Divisions can only party up with players around their current SR. The player with the highest Skill Division in the party determines which Party SR Restrictions are used:
    • Iridescent (Including Top 250) & Crimson: Can party with players within 1 Skill Division
    • Diamond: Can party within 2 Skill Divisions
    • Bronze – Platinum: Can party up without any restrictions

Warzone 2.0 Ranked Play Release Date

The devs have officially announced a release date for Warzone 2.0’s Ranked Play. Players can expect the game mode to be added with the Season 3 Reloaded update coming out on May 10, 2023. Follow our Call of Duty Twitter for the latest updates regarding MW2, Warzone 2.0, and DMZ.

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