Infinity Ward is Finally Making the Long-awaited Loot and Inventory Improvement with Warzone 2.0 in the Season 2 Update

Infinity Ward has finally decided to make the long-awaited loot and inventory improvement with Warzone 2.0 Season 2 update.

Call of Duty Warzone is Infinity Ward’s biggest live service title spanning over three CoD cycles. The game has received widespread success gaining mass appreciation from CoD enthusiasts. It introduced many unique features to the game, starting from a new looting system, loadouts, and more.

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Warzone 1 featured a simple loot system similar to Fortnite. The loot would pop out to the ground when players opened a chest or eliminated an opponent. This simple loot system made the gaming experience smooth, increasing QoL.

Warzone 1 transitioned into Warzone 2.0 with the launch of Modern Warfare 2. The sequel contained every core mechanic from its predecessor except a few features revamped by the devs. One of the most unwanted revamps was done to the looting system, which is, fortunately, changing with the Season 2 update.

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Loot and Inventory Improvement in Season 2 Update

In the latest community update blog, Infinity Ward announced that they would move back to the Warzone 1 looting and inventory system. Most players have long awaited this change, as the new system was slow and confusing for beginners.

The new loot system reverts back to the Warzone 1 style, which is loot popping out of caches and enemies dropping loot on the ground after being eliminated. The new system in Warzone 2.0 features a window showing the available loot, allowing players to equip or stow them into their backpacks. This new system was heavily criticized as it made the game clunky and slow.

Lastly, inventory management slightly changed as backpacks were available in medium and large sizes. The new backpack system, on the other hand, provided an unfair advantage in-game. Infinity Ward has stated that they will remove the medium and large backpacks and replace them with standard backpacks for all players in the lobby.

The backpack system change will remove the unwanted stacking of stims, self-revives, and killstreaks. The looting and inventory change was made based on community feedback. Players have received these new changes with a pat on the back.

Looting Changes
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While the backpack change might not seem like a big change it will definitely stir up the meta, making space for new playstyles. Moreover, the new looting system will definitely increase gameplay speed and QoL.

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