How to get the Black Ops 1 M4 Commando Loadout in Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2

Do you want to get your hands on the classic Commando from Black Ops 1 in MW2 and Warzone 2.0? Then rest assured as we show you how to build your M4, so it resembles the Black Ops 1 Commando.

Call of Duty Black Ops 1 is an iconic title that cemented its place as one of the best FPS games. BO1 featured iconic maps and weapons that have been fan favorites since it graced every gaming platform. One particular AR, the Commando from BO1, managed to steal the hearts of every CoD enthusiast.

Although we have come a long way from BO1, fans are still in remembrance of the game and its weapon pool. From the nostalgia trip, a fan has recreated the Commando in Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to build the M4, so it becomes the Commando in Warzone 2.0 and MW2.

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Black Ops 1 Commando Loadout

In a recent Reddit thread, u/TeamLoveAndStuff shared his take on the BO1 Commando in Warzone 2.0 and MW2. The weapon receiver for the Commando build is the M4.

While the original poster for the build uses a grenade launcher as an underbarrel, most people might find it unorthodox. So, we suggest players swap it for a proper underbarrel to gain better recoil control and aiming stability.

Image via u/callme-snow

Commando Loadout

  • Barrel: 11.5″ Carbine Shroud
  • Muzzle: Cronen MAW-86
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Optic: DF105 Reflex Sight
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip

The loadout is similar to the Commando except for the iconic strap. Lastly, to get the correct color scheme use the Charcoal camo on the M4 to turn it into the iconic Commando.

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