Will Faker Join LCS? All Possible Teams

As Free Agency has started in League of Legends for the upcoming season, Faker is reportedly exploring his options.

Worlds 2022 wrapped up a while back for League of Legends. DRX vs. T1 was a final for the ages as DRX emerged victorious, leaving T1 fans heartbroken. It was also a gut punch to players on T1, who were widely regarded as the favorite to win it all. This result was not what T1 wanted.

Moving on to next year, everyone expects the T1 team to stick together. They have made significant progress since 2021 as the players kept improving while Faker still plays at a high level. However, inconsistencies robbed them of two trophies in the past year, and some wonder whether T1 has hit the ceiling.

This is apparently what has been on Faker’s mind as he is reportedly looking at different options for the next season. If we were to move out of T1, it would send shockwaves around the league as some of the major pillars of their teams are set to find new homes. Let’s discuss whether Faker will leave T1 and where he can end up.

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Where Could Faker End Up?

According to Anonimotum on Twitter, Faker is exploring his options to join another team, even the LCS.

While the LCS sounds interesting for Faker branding-wise, it is probably his second likeliest spot. From all accounts, Faker is likely to re-sign with T1, which could be a negotiating tactic thrown around by his representatives.

However, given how reports say that the LCK market is going down due to a lack of finances, other LCK teams might be unable to afford him. Even if they could, there are options in the market now that seem like better investments, like Zeka or Scout.

On the other leagues like LEC and LPL, the LEC offseason is reportedly done, given all the verbal agreements that have confirmed almost every roster. It is highly unlikely Faker will join the LPL because the language barrier is massive. That is not to say that joining the LCS wouldn’t be a transition, but rather, Faker has shown that he can communicate in English in several videos.

Where Does Faker End Up Realistically?

With everything said in the above section, the options that remain for Faker are either returning to T1 or going to the LCS. Two teams in the LCS have already spoken to him, with Team Liquid reportedly making an offer. Flyquest has not made an offer based on the rumors.

Hence at this rate, some LCS teams would be willing to spend the money for Faker, and he could cash in or return to T1 for another run at a Worlds final. It’s up to Faker what he wants to do. T1 is the best spot for him competition-wise, but the LCS could propel his branding to the next level.

However, given how iconic he is in T1, it is hard to see him leaving the team. Thus, expect Faker to re-sign with T1 and go for one more run at Worlds in 2023. While many would want to see Faker in the LCS, it does not make much sense, given Faker has another Worlds trophy he wants to achieve with T1.

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