Wild Rift Patch 4.1 Champions Leaked

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

As Wild Rift patch 4.1 is on the horizon, some leaks have revealed all the upcoming champions.

Patch 4.0 was the major patch of the year. However, the patch wasn’t as massive as the previous patches, like 3.4 or 3.5. But they still released notable new additions that shaped up the meta. First of all, many tank items received massive buffs and adjustments. Moreover, Riot added the long-requested inhibitor respawn mechanic alongside base burning in the recent update.

But in terms of champions, Riot only released 2 champions in patch 4.0. They are Zoe and Zeri. However, before, Riot used to release more than 3 champions consistently. Unfortunately, Champions Product Lead on Wild Rift, Riot Maddy, revealed on Twitter that almost half of the designers left the Wild Rift team. So now it is hard to release content faster than before. This also explains why we have been receiving fewer skins.

But she also reassured the fans that we would receive one champion monthly. Moreover, she also mentioned that they might do extra drops in specific patches.

As for patch 4.1, even though the update is more than a month away, massive leaks have already revealed all champions releasing Wild Rift.

Prominent Wild Rift leaker, ChowZ posted on Twitter about all the upcoming champions of Wild Rift in patch 4.1.

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Wild Rift Upcoming Champions Patch 4.1

Two champions are planned to be released in patch 4.1.

  • Urgot
  • Twitch


urgot wild rift
Image Credits: Riot Games

Urgot is the first champion released in the upcoming Wild Rift patch.

Although he used to be a tank, Urgot is currently a juggernaut. Moreover, he primarily dominates in the solo lane.

For items, he synergizes well with both tank and bruiser items. And especially in lower ranks, he can be powerful. For runes, taking Lethal Tempo, Conquerer, Kraken Slayer, or Aftershock are the best bet for making Urgot as potent as he can be.


twitch wild rift
Image Credits: Riot Games

Twitch is one of the most frustrating champions to play against on PC League. And now he is finally coming to Wild Rift.

Though he is primarily an ADC, he can also be played in the jungle and mid-lane. Moreover, players can play both AD and AP on Twitch. The aspect that makes Twitch frustrating to play against is his kit. Twitch’s passive is to deal poison damage to the enemy he hits. His first skill – Ambush, allows him to become camouflaged. Furthermore, he gains bonus attack speed for 5 seconds when he breaks his camouflage.

Likewise, his second skill – Venom Cask, allows him to throw a bottle of poison at his enemies. Moreover, it also slows the enemies who get hit by the poison. Twitch’s 3rd skill – Contaminate, sends out a lethal toxin to each nearby enemy afflicted by the poison and deals massive damage. And lastly, Twitch’s ultimate – Spray and Pray, grants him bonus AD and attack range.

Wild Rift Patch 4.1 Release Date

Urgot and Twitch will debut in Wild Rift in patch 4.1, scheduled to release on Mar 16, 2023.

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