Who is the top team in the LEC: MAD Lions or Rogue?

With five weeks of LEC Summer 2022 done and dusted, the question remains on which team is the best in LEC Summer 2022 thus far.

LEC Summer 2022 has had a very strange first half of the split. There has been a lot of ebbs and flow in terms of teams performing, and there is no conclusive evidence of who is the best team thus far. So, while you can look at the standings to point at the teams at the top as true contenders, the standings don’t paint the whole picture. Every team has had its stumbles but has also shown what they are capable of. Thus, this article will discuss the teams that are in contention for being the best team in the LEC thus far.

MAD Lions or Rogue?

Now it is time to dissect who the best team is in the LEC this split. Rogue and MAD seem like the biggest candidates at the moment while Excel Esports and G2 Esport sit behind them.


Rogue looks very consistent with their group of players. They are not a flashy team, but they get the job done, and they do it well. Rogue always seems to be on top of the meta at the start, and it has always worked for them in the regular season.

In this split thus far, Rogue had an abysmal first week and then quickly bounced back from Week 3 only to lose a game in Week 5 to G2 Esports. They are consistent as mentioned earlier and always seem to be the start of being a very good team in the LEC. Other than that, there is not a whole lot to analyze about regarding Rogue. Larssen has stepped up as the main carry and Rogue has a style that wins games. Win-win for everyone.

MAD Lions

Meanwhile, with one roster change, MAD Lions just about looks like the best team in the LEC right now alongside Rogue. With Nisqy coming in, Elyoya looks much better as a jungler. To be fair, Nisqy has done that for any jungler he has played with throughout his career. More importantly, the side lanes of MAD have found a groove.

UNF0RGIVEN and Kaiser looks like they might be the best bot lane in the LEC right now. UNF0RGIVEN in particular just looks like an excellent player in the making. He has the mechanics needed for a top ADC while his play against Vitality last week just shows how good he can be in moments. Meanwhile, Armut has really put his head down and improved as a top laner from last split.

Who’s the best between the two?

With Nisqy and Elyoya roaming together and the team being more active, MAD is the best team in the LEC in terms of consistency and how their wins have looked thus far. Rogue and MAD have the same record right now, but MAD looks better at this moment. In fact, Rogue should have never won against MAD in the first matchup, considering how the game was going.

The debate between MAD and Rogue will likely continue until Week 7, when they face each other for the second time. Then, we can for sure settle the discussion with a consensus.

The other close competitors for the best team in the LEC

This article would not be complete unless we discussed Excel Esports or G2 Esports. For all their flaws, G2 is an MSI 2022 Semi-finalist, and respect needs to be given for that. However, G2 currently looks shaky. They have had the pop-off games but have also looked bad against opponents like BDS. It’s the tale of two sides of the same coin for G2, and this team will need to find some consistency soon.

On a positive note, their Week 5 performances are good momentum builders as they beat Rogue and Astralis. Neither of them are bad teams, which shows G2’s capability as a team. Let’s hope G2 can keep this up, and we see a better version of G2 in the playoffs.

On the other hand, Excel took the LEC by storm at the start after their Korean BootCamp. They have come back with a solid idea of how they play the game and look like a pretty solid unit. However, they have some issues to iron out, particularly if they fail to gain leads in the early game. Sometimes, the team does not look the sharpest in the mid-game, and there are things to work on.

Going forward, XL has an arduous task ahead of them as they will face MAD in Week 6 and G2 and Rogue in Week 7 and 8, respectively. XL will have to keep grinding and prove they belong in the conversation of the best team in the LEC.

In Conclusion

So far, LEC looks a bit shaky in terms of overall level, but MAD and Rogue look like the better teams. Based on eye test and other factors, MAD Lions feel like the best team as we advance. However, stranger things have happened in the LEC. G2 and XL should be hovering around to get that spot if Rogue or MAD cannot solidify it. LEC remains a decently competitive league as they are bringing four seeds at Worlds 2022. Let’s hope for good games in the LEC from now on. LEC Summer 2022 continues from Friday as three weeks are left before the playoffs.

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