Where to Find Rollers In LEGO Fortnite

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By Arnan Bonny
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Heres all the help you need if you want to find Rollers in LEGO: Fortnite

LEGO: Fortnite is an all new mix of Fortnite and Minecraft that we did not expect. The game is centered around exploring, crafting and basically surviving. Although you can play the game solo, the game can be most enjoyed when you have a few friends to play with.

Dive and explore into the dark and mysterious caves full of loot and enemies and fight epic boss battle. Or you can take it slow can focus on leveling up your farming skills, expanding your base , assigning jobs, and gathering materials. In this game, what you want to do is complete up to you and your friends.

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With that said, there are certain materials that you can only find by taking down certain enemies. One such example are Shells, which are only dropped when you take down a crab-like creature called Rollers. If you want to know where to farm them then don’t worry, just keep on reading!

Where To Find Rollers in LEGO: Fortnite

Locate Rollers

Rollers are hostile monsters that roam around forest areas like the Grasslands biome. Also, another location you can find Rollers are inside Caves. You’ll notice that sometimes they’re a tad bit difficult to spot as they do blend well with their surroundings.

Finding Rollers LEGO Fortnite

As you approach a Roller, they’ll jump out of the ground and shoot rocks at you and even worse, they’ll beeline straight for you to take you down!

Like we mentioned, you actually need to take them down to gather Shells.

Take Down Rollers

The most dangerous attack of a Roller is their speed-roll attack. The attack is quick and can deal a significant amount of damage. Thankfully, you can use the dodge mechanic to avoid the attack fairly easily. In addition, make sure you dont run towards a deadend, that’s when they’re are real menace.

Fighting Rollers LEGO Fortnite

After you successfully avoid a rolling attack, the Rollers take a few seconds to cooldown, that’s your opportunity to take it down. Use whatever you have on your hand to give it a few good smacks and that should take it down. Look around and collect the Shells.

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