Where is the Save File for Lethal Company?

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Here is a complete guide on how to find the Lethal Company save file location in your PC.

With its fun and exciting gameplay, lethal Company has taken over the gaming space. In this survival horror game, the players are required to explore abandoned moons to search for scraps. These scraps can then be sold to the Company to earn profit in terms of the game credits. However, there’s a twist. The moons are filled with several types of dangerous monsters whose main prey are the players and their crewmembers.

Progressing in Lethal Company is definitely not an easy task. The players have to go through several hurdles to reach their goals. In such a situation, a corrupted file may ruin all their efforts. Lethal Company has an auto-save feature, saving up to three slots at a time. However, players might want to save the game manually using save editors in several instances. For this, knowing the Lethal Company save file location is important. This article will guide you through how to find the Lethal Company save file.

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Lethal Company Save File Location

Finding the save file location of Lethal Compay is a pretty simple step. Keep following these steps to find the Lethal Company save file. Keep in mind that only the lobby host will be able to save the game files manually.

  1. Go to File Explorer and then This PC.
  2. Go to C drive and then enter the Users folder. From there, enter the file with your PC’s name on it.
  3. Once you have entered the file, click on View on the topbar and then tick Hidden Files.
  4. This will view the AppData folder. Enter the AppData folder.
  5. Then, enter LocalLow and go to ZeekerssRBLX.
  6. Inside that folder, you will find the Lethal Company folder. This folder will have all the saved files for your game.

You can also copy and paste this on your addressbar: C:\Users\[PCNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\ZeekerssRBLX to directly access the file. If you are looking to back up the saved data, copy the folder and paste it onto your storage drive.

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