Fly With A Jetpack in Lethal Company

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Here’s a detailed guide on how to get Jetpack in Lethal Company and use it.

Lethal Company is a horror co-op game where you must collect scraps from abandoned moons and sell them to earn a profit. That is the whole idea of the game. However, these abandoned moons are filled with traps and monsters that are there to make your scrap collection much harder than you expect.

While traveling through the terrains of these moons, you will face several obstacles and high grounds that you must cross. But don’t worry; several items in the game can help you overcome these obstacles without any hassle. The jet pack in Lethal Company is one such item that you can use to fly in the air temporarily. It can be a crucial item to have to traverse through high terrains easily.

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How To Get Jetpack in Lethal Company

Getting the Jetpack is a very simple task in Lethal Company. You must buy the Jetpack from the company store using The Terminal. The store follows a rotational system and is updated after a certain time. You will need to keep checking, and when you get the Jetpack in the store, you will have to buy it from there.

The Jetpack will cost 700 credits, which is a lot. You will need to grind a lot and sell a lot of scraps to the company to earn these credits. Once you have enough credits, order the Jetpack from the Store. You will be able to use the item once the order is delivered.

How To Use Jetpack

Once you have the Jetpack, equip it, and you will be able to use it. Press the left mouse button to initiate the thrusters, and you can hover around using the Spacebar. However, the jetpack can only keep you in the air for five seconds, enough to get on top of any high ground easily. The item also weighs a whopping 52lb, slowing you down while it’s equipped, thus limiting your movements slightly.

The Jetpack doesn’t have an unlimited life, either. The more time you use it, the health of the item will decrease. Eventually, the thruster will blast, and you must get a new one. So we recommend you use the jetpack only when necessary because overusing it might not be the wisest choice considering the credits required to buy a new one.

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