A Complete List of All Items in Lethal Company

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Here is the complete list of all items you can get in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company is the latest Steam hit, taking the co-op horror world by storm. In this game, you are required to explore abandoned planets and collect scraps. Then, you will have to sell these scraps to profit from it. You do all these with your friends or party members. Overall, it’s a team game, with a lot of horror flavor.

However, the game is not as easy as it sounds. As in an abandoned planet, you will face several monsters and traps that are there to make your life harder. These monsters can spawn from anywhere, and once you are dead, you are done. However, several game items can help you make your scrap collection much easier. In this guide, we will look at the list of all items in Lethal Company and how you can use them.

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All Items in Lethal Company

FlashlightIlluminates your way. Can be upgraded for better lighting.
Pro-FlashlightUpgraded version of the base Flashlight. Has more battery health and better lighting.
Walkie TalkieMedium of communicating with your teammates while collecting scraps.
Radar BoosterRadar used to monitor an area.
BoomboxMusic player that can distract enemies
LockpickerUsed to unlock doors
Air HornLet others know about your location, and lure monsters.
JetpackUsed for flying
TeleporterTeleport from the planet to ship.
Inverse TeleporterTeleport from ship to planet
TZP InhalantReduces stamina usage
Extension LadderUsed as a ladder to climb high surfaces
Stun GrenadeStuns enemy monsters
Zap gunWeapon
Green SuitDefault suit
Hazard Suit
Pajama Suit

You can buy all these items from the Terminal. Just type ‘store’ and look at the items that are available to buy. The store is rotational, so keep yourself updated. Pro-flashlight and walkie-talkies must be the first things you buy once you find them in the store.

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