When Will VALORANT Episode 5 Act 1 End?

VALORANT’s Episode 5 Act 1 is ongoing. There’s not much time left until Act 2 takes place. And Riot has already gave us a heads up on when the Episode 5 Act 1 will end.

The current Episode 5 Act 1 of VALORANT is almost over. And players are understandably excited with everything that Riot has revealed so far regarding the upcoming Act. Additionally, VALORANT Championship 2022 is going to take place while Act 2 is live.

The new Act 2 will start with a banger as the reincarnation of VALORANT Champions bundle will come along with other free rewards with this upcoming Act. On top of that, the 5.04 patch will bring some notable changes that will make players love the game more. Not to mention, Riot will bring more changes in the upcoming patches in Episode 5 Act 2.

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Episode 5 Act 1 ending time

With Episode 5 Act 1 coming to an end, every player’s rank will be reset once again, and players have to start fresh in the upcoming Act. The competitive queue usually ends before the actual Act. So, if you want to grind to a higher rank, now is the time. According to Riot, the Ranked Act will end on August 22, 2022.

However, you will still be able to play Custom Games, Unrated, Spike Rush, and other game modes until overall Episode 5 Act 1 ends. This Act will end at the same time throughout different regions. According to the Riot Game’s official announcement, Episode 5 Act 1 will end on August 24, 2022.

If everything goes according to the official announcement, here is a list of Episode 5 Act 1’s ending times in different regions:

DateTimeTime Zone
August 2410:00 P.M.GMT+8
August 247:00 A.M.PT
August 242:00 P.M.GMT
August 242:00 P.M.UTC
August 2410:00 A.M.EST

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