VALORANT Champions 2022 Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Release Date, & More

After one long year, VALORANT is going to launch the successor of one of the most prestigious skin lines, VALORANT Champions 2022. And we already have a glimpse of what to expect from the bundle.

VCT is the VALORANT‘s most prestigious tournament. The best teams from all over the world go against each other in this tournament to earn the title VALORANT Champions. Teams have gone through never-ending battles to reach this pinnacle of VALORANT to take away the title from 15 other teams from different parts of the globe.

This year’s VALORANT Championship will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, where hundreds of thousands of eyes will shine on one trophy and cheer for their favorite teams. Last year, the European eSports organization Acend won the VALORANT Championship title. It’ll be exciting to see which team gets to take the title this year.

To celebrate VALORANT Championship 2022, Riot games is releasing yet another dedicated bundle for the dedicated fanbase. The bundle is called VALORANT Champions 2022. Similar to the previous version, this skin bundle will follow similar features with added spices.

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Champions 2022 First Look

Riot Games will have its second VALORANT Championship tournament starting on August 31, 2022. To maintain its tradition, the developer is releasing the VALORANT Championship 2022 skin bundle in the next patch. Players are eagerly waiting for its release as it will be one of the most beautiful skin bundles in the game.

Just like before, the skin line contains only two skins. However, this time, the bundle brought Phantom into the game instead of the Vandal. The Phantom has a golden and red color scheme like its previous ancestor. But, the design is different, and it looks like the weapon is made of precious Ruby and Gold, which looks absolutely stunning to the eye.

There will also be a Butterfly Melee skin for Champions 2022. The Butterfly Melee is very similar to the RGX 2.0 Butterfly knife except for its colors. In any case, the Champions 2022 skin bundle had a very well thought behind its development, and it seems like it is going to become one of the most selling skin bundles in VALORANT’s history.

Available For

  • Phantom
  • Butterfly Knife

Champion Phantom

Champion Butterfly Knife

Champions 2022 Playercard, Gunbuddy, and Spray

There will also be a Playercard, a Gunbuddy, and a Spray included in the bundle.

Champions 2022 Bundle Price

According to floxay, the price for VALORANT Champions 2022 skin bundle should be 6167 VP.

Champions 2022 Release Date

Riot Games has already announced its release. The bundle will be available from August 23, 2022, for a limited period of time. So, grab it before the time runs out.

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