When is the current VALORANT Episode 3: Act 1 going to end?

A recent leak by a pretty reliable data miner has revealed the ending dates for the current Episode 3 Act 1 of Valorant.

Following its initial launch back in 2020, Riot Games announced that Valorant would follow a non-traditional Episodes and Act Structure where each Episode will contain 3 separate Acts. While new Acts may reveal new agents or maps, new Episodes will introduce a total shift in the game’s meta.

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Basically, Valorant is a tactical FPS game with hero shooter mechanics baked in. And Riot can easily make subtle tweaks to agent abilities and that will have a major impact on the way the game is played for the entire Episode. In short, Riot Games defines the meta in Valorant.

Episode 3 Act 1 Ending Dates

According to the data miner, the current Episode 3 Act 1 has apparently been extended for two weeks. Meaning the current Act 1 may end on 8th or 9th September. Consequently, the new Episode 3 Act 2 will start two weeks later than expected.

Since these dates are from a leak, take them with a grain of salt as Riot could make a last-minute call to delay the new Act by another week. We’ll definitely update you with relevant information soon.

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So far, this Episode 3 has been really good in terms of synergy between gunplay and agent abilities. While the first two Episodes felt dominated by agent kits, the introduction of agents like Kay/o alongside weapon and ability price changes have definitely impacted Valorant’s meta for the better. Hopefully, Riot will keep up pace with the next Act.

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