Best VALORANT Agents You Should Pick on Bind

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Choosing the best Agent for Bind can be a hefty task if you are a newcomer to VALORANT. In this guide, we’ll try to pair you with the best possible Agent for you on Bind.

Each map in VALORANT has its own calling card. For Bind, it is the use of teleporters near both Spike sites. While these are in the view of the Defenders, these teleporters can be used by the attacking side to quickly rotate and change their attack angle, forcing the Defenders to make a choice.

Bind's Unique Teleporter Map Design and Agent Choices
Credit: Riot Games

This also has the added benefit of scouting. Abilities can be moved through the teleporters to gather information. Therefore, your Initiator picks, like Skye, are essential. This is why if you are a Sentinal main, you are at a disadvantage, while high-mobility Agents will be one step ahead. Controllers are crucial in order to block off the huge number of angles when you enter the site, and therefore, you should consider picking two Controllers to obtain map control.

9 Best Agents to Play in Bind

Bind has been in the rotation for a while now, and the gameplay is not expected to change too drastically. The sample size of matches is more than enough to come to a general conclusion as to which Agents you can pick to have the best chance to win matches.

Best Duelists


  • Abilities
    • Basic: Boom Bot, Blast Pack
    • Signature: Paint Shells
    • Ultimate: Showstopper

Choosing Raze offers a perfect balance in any Agent composition. Aside from clearing Hookah or Baths, your Paint Shell Grenades & Boom Bot can create spaces or neutralize anchors. Even in defense, her Boom Bot can detect enemy locations early on. Raze is our go-to pick for her versatility.


  • Abilities:
    • Passive: Drift
    • Basic: Cloudburst, Updraft
    • Signature: Tailwind
    • Ultimate: Blade Storm

Bind has lots of open spaces as well as closed junctions. Using Jett, you can quickly bypass a lot of these angles and take the fights you want. Also, if you are an OP player, Jett has no alternatives!

Best Controllers


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Stim Beacon, Incendiary
    • Signatures: Sky Smoke
    • Ultimate: Orbital Strike

Brimstone is now the go-to Controller Agent for a lot of maps. We picked him as his versatility is unmatched, and his ability to secure sites with multiple near-instant smokes is only second to Astra. However, to secure any round, his kit is far more useful in zoning, especially the Orbital Strike.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Snake Bite, Poison Cloud
    • Signatures: Toxic Screen 
    • Ultimate: Viper’s Pit

Viper is a stable Controller in both the pro scene and the hardcore-ranked player base. If you are a good Viper Player, you can offer a lot of utility, especially in the after-plant positions. You can also slice up the map with your Toxic Screen, forcing opponents to fight you at a disadvantage.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Shrouded Step, Paranoia
    • Signatures: Dark Cover
    • Ultimate: From The Shadows

Picking a good combination of Controllers is essential if you want to win in Bind. This is why, depending on your playstyle, you can also pick the aggressive Omen. His utility as area denial can turn the tide, and you can always use your own teleport to secure a plant.

Best Sentinels


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Trapwire, Cyber Cage
    • Signature: Spycam
    • Ultimate: Neutral Theft

Even though Sentinels are not the most impactful in Bind, you can have one to lock out one side of the map. Cypher has been consistently getting buffed patch after patch. You can secure one side and rotate a defender over on the other side.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Trademark, Headhunter
    • Signature: Rendezvouz
    • Ultimate: Tour De Force

Chamber is a fan-favorite Sentinel pick and acts less as a Sentinel and more like a hybrid duelist. For the players who won’t step back, Chamber can be used to pick off opponents and retreat to a safe location. All the while, you can use his Trademark to block pushes from other entry points.

Best Initiators


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Regrowth, Trailblazer
    • Signature: Guiding Light
    • Ultimate: Seekers

Skye is still the go-to Initiator for Bind, and you can never go wrong with her. Even though she was nerfed recently, her engagement in this map cannot be matched. She is the prime pick, and the stats show that as well.


  • Abilities:
    • Basic: Prowler, Seize
    • Signatures: Haunt
    • Ultimate: Nightfall

It isn’t easy to make other Initiators work in Bind. However, players are now more skilled than ever, and Fade has her uses from time to time. Her abilities require some manual control, but her Nightfall can help zone out the opponent and make your engagement easier.

Best Team Compositions in Bind

VALORANT is a game of changing balances. While two teams with the same Agents might not play the same, even swapping one of the picks might drastically change the way you play a map. For bind, picking two Controllers might be essential, but a Sentinel might not always be the best choice.

Here are our recommended best compositions to effectively play on Bind

  • Team Composition 1: Viper, Brimstone, Raze, Skye, Cypher
  • Team Composition 2: Viper, Omen, Jett, Raze, Skye
  • Team Composition 3: Viper, Brimstone, Raze, Skyke, Chamber

Final Verdict

The game has matured a lot since the early days of VALORANT. Players are mechanically better and also have a better understanding of the abilities and weaknesses of all the maps and agents. This is why balancing the game is harder than it seems. Still, Riot has done a fantastic job with the diversity of the agents on different maps. As more agents are introduced, the balance will shift once again.

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