Best VALORANT Agents for Bind 2022

Choosing the best agent for Bind can be a hefty task if you are a newcomer in VALORANT. In this guide, we’ll try to pair you with the best possible agent for you on Bind.

VALORANT offers a genuinely diverse experience in terms of gameplay. Riot’s first venture into FPS checked every box since its open beta stage. Later, the full release was subjected to criticism, and after a lot of back and forth between players & the developers, VALORANT’s current state is looking more promising than ever. 

As of writing, VALORANT currently has six maps: Ascent, Bind, Split, Haven, Icebox & Breeze. Among them, Bind requires some effort out of every player. Similarly, choosing the right agent for this map is also a hefty task. Each agent in VALORANT has very specifics and individual tasks which often get overlooked. If you are looking forward to hopping into ranked matches, today’s guide will assist you in picking the best agent for your taste. 

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Since there are four categories of agents, the Tier list will be focused on individual classes.

Best agents for Bind 


  • S-Tier: Reyna, Jett
  • A-Tier: Raze
  • B-Tier: Phoenix
  • C-Tier: Yoru
Best VALORANT Agents Bind
Best Duelist Agents For Bind

Reyna & Jett

Bind has lots of open spaces as well as closed junctions. Reyna, with Leer ability, can make way for the rest of the team. Similarly, Jett’s Tailwind is useful when pushing into a bomb site in the opening phase of a round. Additionally, in Bind, Jett’s potential with Operator is endless since there are many elevated positions perfectly suitable for sharpshooters. 


Raze offers a perfect balance in any agent composition. Aside from clearing Hookah or Baths, Raze’s Paint Shell & Boomb Bot can create spaces or neutralize anchors. Even in defense, her Boom Bot can be used to detect enemy locations early on.  


Phoenix and Reyna have so many things in common, although, unlike Reyna, Phoenix’s Curveball can be self-destructive if not utilized properly. Especially in low-Elo lobbies where communication is not really a high priority among players, playing Phoenix will require extra caution. However, this aspect is totally different in Professional matches or High-Elo lobbies. Based on the player, Phoenix can be really effective.  


Even after multiple updates, Yoru is still undoubtedly, the weakest Duelist in VALORANT. Although many teams have adapted Yoru, the agent’s overall potential is yet to be uncovered. 


  • S-Tier: Omen
  • A-Tier: Astra
  • B-Tier: Viper
  • C-Tier: Brimstone
Best VALORANT Agents Bind
Best Controller Agents for Bind


Easy to learn, hard to master; Omen makes it to our S Tier due to his lethal combination of flexibility & abilities. Omen’s Dark Cover provides enough cover for a team to execute any offensive plans. Also, Paranoia can be helpful in specific scenarios. Finally, Omen’s Ultimate ability can change the fate of a round in moments since Bind is really huge, and it’s tough to pinpoint Omen’s position if team coordination is not on point. 


Many professional teams have experimented with Astra in Bind. Astra is truly unique; she has enough abilities to deal with site anchors. Besides that, clearing up choke points with Gravity Well, minimizing hazards with Nova Pulse, silencing bombsites with Cosmic Divide, covering up exposed areas with Nebula, Astra is the jack of all trades. 


After some heavy updates, Viper is finally getting enough attention in Tier 1 tournaments. Previously ignored, Viper is now a formidable threat to be aware of. Her Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Snake Bite offer crucial advantages for any team. Especially for post-plant scenarios, Viper seemed unstoppable throughout multiple VCT Challengers events in NA & EU.  


Brimstone is criminally underrated. While favored heavily in the European VALORANT scene, the North American scene has yet to pick this agent in serious tournaments. Undoubtedly, Brimstone needs some serious utility buffs before we reconsider his Tier. 


  • S-Tier: Killjoy 
  • A-Tier: Cypher
  • B-Tier: Sage
Best VALORANT Agents Bind
Best Sentinel Agents for Bind


Able to hold a site on her own, Killjoy is indisputably the best anchor in the game. Aside from holding incoming site executes, she can also take care of the flanks while delivering good damage with her Turrets.


Second, only to Killjoy, Cypher is now a significantly weaker Sentinel after receiving a heartbreaking Tripware nerf from Riot. Episode 3 came out as bad news for Cypher players. However, with the rest of his abilities, the Moroccan agent can still collect information, hold out sites & annoy flankers at the same time. 


Sage’s potential doesn’t shine on a massive map like Bind. Although she can put up a massive wall and defend sites for a concise amount of time, ultimately, Sage has better usage in other maps. Nevertheless, Sage’s healing abilities cannot be underestimated.  


  • S-Tier: Skye
  • A-Tier: Sova
  • B-Tier: Kay/O
  • C-Tier: Breach
Best VALORANT Agents Bind
Best Initiator Agents for Bind


Episode 3 transformed Skye’s full potential. Now, Skye is undoubtedly the strongest Initiator in VALORANT. The Australian agent blends in well with any agent composition. Her pick rate skyrocketed in VCT events. Skye can now detect enemies from longer distances; her Guiding Lights no longer shows the unnecessary equip animation. Overall, Skye should be your default choice for 2021.


Sova is a better post-plant agent with his two powerful Shock Bolts. However, the agent has seen lesser pick rates in recent VCT events compared to Skye. Almost all of Sova’s utilities now costs more while delivering not-so-impressive results. 


Kay/O is an Initiator by design, although every aspect of Kay/O clearly outlines the characteristics of a Duelist. Kay/O packs a strong punch as his abilities are designed for offensive playstyles. Kay/O’s information gathering is not quite strong as Skye’s or Sova’s, but he can pose significant threats when needed. 


Prior to Episode 3, Breach was indeed difficult to play against. Breach’s potential decreased significantly due to the constant meta changes. However, paired with a fully coordinated team, Breach can be a game-changer with his Fault Line, After Shock, and Rolling Thunder.

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Episode 3 reshaped VALORANT’s core gameplay. Professional teams are now forced to adopt new agent compositions for almost every tournament. Similarly, casual players and future pros must get familiar with all the agents to keep up with new metas. Our Tier list focused primarily on Post-Episode 3 changes, and Bind. While it’s still up to the players to decide agent matches their playstyle, gambling with different agents on Bind is worth the time. 

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