What is the Game Size of Counter-Strike 2?

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Worried about the required disk space for Counter-Strike 2? We have all the details you need.

Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s latest release on the Source 2 engine. CS2 has updated visuals and graphics, new physics and lighting, and some changes to the gameplay mechanics. With all of these overhauls, it is quite surprising to learn that Counter-Strike 2’s game size isn’t as high compared to other titles.

Similar to Global Offensive, the game doesn’t take as much space, but you might be surprised to see your disk bloated. This article will explain why Counter-Strike takes up more space than you might need.

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Counter-Strike 2 Game Size

Counter-Strike 2 uses a disk space of 34.31 GB after full release on Steam. This is expected to increase with the release of more official maps and community plugin support.

What is the Game size of Counter-Strike 2?
Checking game size of Counter-Strike 2

Valve has been pumping out patches since launch, so the size of the game might change slightly from the time this article is published to whenever you might be reading it. There is no major content update like an Operation, but one might be on the horizon.

How the Game Size can increase

Counter-Strike is a community-focused game. Unlike other FPS titles, Valve only regulates a part of the game. Things like the Active Duty map pool and competitive ruleset are directly controlled by them. Community modes like Surf, Zombies, Casual, Retakes, and others will increase your game size as you download plugins and more maps.

As the updates keep coming, the game size is bound to increase. However, it shouldn’t exceed 40 gigabytes of storage. Valve is known to remove maps from time to time, and with the game now being developed on Source 2, it will be even easier to optimize and save space.

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