What Are Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?

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Learn everything there is to know about Secret Packs, starting from what they are and how you can unlock them to every Secret Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is the digital rendition of the cult classic turn-based card game of the 90’s Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. One might think that playing card games online takes away from the experience of a fun game night with friends and family. But Konami has proved us wrong as it has jam-packed Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel with unique features and mechanisms, paired with attractive visuals that bring the monster summoning duels of Yu-Gi-Oh to life.

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In addition to giving players the freedom to build their unique and custom decks by crafting their own cards, the game also offers structure decks and card packs that are essentially a bundle of unique cards. The game currently offers three types of packs: Normal Packs, Bonus Packs, and Secret Packs. In this guide, we will be specifically focusing on Secret Packs.

Secret Packs – A Breakdown

Secret Packs are essentially themed packs that usually focus on a single archetype. Each Secret Pack contains 4 cards belonging to the specific category of archetype – which is the overall theme of the pack, or the title of the pack. In other words, these are feature cards. The other 4 cards from the pack of 8 will be randomized for every player and unlocked from the Master Pack.

Other than being associated with a specific archetype, Secret Packs also come with their own ratings, which have been further divided into 3 categories. Each Secret Pack is rated on a scale of 5 based on categories such as Power, Technical, and Hold the Line.

Power, as the name implies, represents the strength or attack power of the cards. The Technical category is rated based on the complexity of handling the cards and how beginner-friendly it is. Lastly, Hold the Line is rated based on the cards’ defense points and how long they last in battle in general.

For a single Secret Pack purchased, you are guaranteed that your 8th card will have a rarity of at least Rare (R) or higher. The probability of your 8th card belonging to the R category is 90%. Whereas the chance of getting a Super Rare (SR) card as your 8th card is 7.5%, and getting an Ultra Rare (UR) card is 2.5%.

On the other hand, for the first seven cards received in the pack, the odds of receiving a Common (N) Card is 55%. Whereas the odds of receiving a Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), or even an Ultra Rare (UR) card are 35%, 7.5%, and 2.5% respectively.

As for the cards having a foil finish, 90% of the time you’ll receive a Basic or Non-Foil card under all categories of rarity. However, for every Rare card received, there’s a 10% chance that it will have a Glossy finish. And for every Super Rare (SR) or Ultra Rare (UR) card received, the probability of the card having a Glossy finish is 9%. Sadly, the probability of the card having a Royal finish is only 1%, so the chances of snagging a card with a Royal finish from a Secret Pack is slim to none.

How to Unlock Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?

There are essentially two ways you can unlock Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. The first method is through opening booster packs. As mentioned earlier, every Secret Pack comes with 4 feature cards. So if you happen to pull a Super Rare (SR) or an Ultra Rare (UR) card that is a feature card for a specific Secret Pack, that pack will show up on the shop and has to be unlocked for 100 gems.

Keep in mind that the pack will disappear within 24 hours of unlocking, and the only way to reset the timer is to purchase that pack for 100 gems each time within 24 hours. If you cannot keep up your routine purchase due to a lack of gems, the pack will disappear from the shop and have to be rediscovered all over again.

The second way is to craft your own Super Rare (SR) or Ultra Rare (UR) card from the card crafting section. If you are looking to build a deck with a specific archetype of your choice, or are looking to unlock a specific Secret Pack, craft an SR or UR card that is a feature card of that specific pack. A pro tip here is to click on the “How to obtain” button that appears on the left side of the card crafting section of the Deck builder to reveal which Secret Pack it belongs to.

In order to successfully complete your themed deck, make sure to stock up on gems before you unlock the Secret Packs you want. And make sure to open the pack every day up until the day you complete your deck.

List of All Secret Packs in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

There are currently a total of 154 Secret Packs available for players to unlock in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. Below we have listed all of them in alphabetical order, along with their corresponding archetype:

  • A Song of Zephyr and Petals – Windwitch, Melodious
  • Abyssal Underworld – Wight, Zombie World, Vendread
  • Altered Heraldry – CXyz, Heraldic Beast
  • Advanced Warriors – Amorphage, Majespecter, Dinomist, Dracoslayer
  • AI Omniscience – Ignister
  • Artistic Angel – The Weather, Solfachord
  • Astral Trinity of Gods – Nordic
  • Awakening of the Ancients – Guardians, Artifact
  • Beasts of the Inferno – Volcanic, Hazy Flame
  • Beloved Dolls – Madolche, Doll Monster
  • Blazing Fortitude – Salamangreat
  • Blazing Warriors – Battling Boxer, Heroic
  • Blooming in Adversity – Aroma, Rikka
  • Bujin’s Vault of Heaven – Bujin
  • Captivating Curtain Call – Performapal
  • Celestial Dragon and Bear – Drytron, Ursarctic
  • Cell “A” Corruption – Alien
  • Champions of Hope – Utopia
  • Champions of Salvation – Tellarknight, Constellar
  • Colossal Mech – Number 9: Dyson Sphere, Gimmick Puppet
  • Combatants of Flame – Laval
  • Cosmic Mechanical Entities – Krawler, Knightmare, Mekk-Knight, World Legacy
  • Counterswing Mages – Magician
  • Cross-Dimensional Contracts – D/D
  • Crystal Septenary – Crystal Beast
  • Curse of the Serpent – Venom, Reptiliane
  • Cyber City Guardians – Virtual World, Tindangle
  • Darkest Magics – Dark Magician
  • Deceitful Wings of Darkness – Darklord, Forbidden
  • Denizens of Sacred Tree Grove – Naturia
  • Destiny’s Sorceress – Fortune Lady, Prediction Princess, Fortune Fairy
  • Devastation Regenerated – Scrap
  • Dragon Luster – Felgrand, Starry Knight
  • Digital Bugs in Cyberspace – Digital Bugs
  • Dragon Knight Gorge – Dragunity
  • Draconic Resplendence – Odd-Eyes
  • Dragon Spirit – Yang Zing, Tenyi
  • Dreadnought Advance – Infinitrack, Train
  • Echo Chamber Nation – Dogmatika, Springans, Tri-Brigade
  • Electrilyrical – Batteryman
  • Electron Illusions – Evil Twin, Altergeist
  • Elemental Exchanges – Genex
  • Emblazoned Armor – Vylon
  • Emerging Monstrosity Recon! – Kaiju
  • Enchanted Threads of Shade – Zefra, Shaddoll
  • Essence of Flora and Ocean – Marincess, Trickstar
  • Exquisite Jet-Black Rose – Rose
  • Fabled Gods – Fabled
  • Fiendish Encounter – Burning Abyss
  • Fiendish Playthings – Fluffal
  • Fires of This World and The Next – Mayakashi, Shiranui
  • Forest Friends – Melffy, Mystical Beast of the Story
  • Forgotten City Dwellers – Mermail
  • Futuristic Creatures – T.G.
  • Galaxy War – Kozmo
  • Gargantuan Gears – Ancient Gear
  • Glacial Seal – Ice Barrier
  • Glory on Wings – Harpie
  • Gods of Abyss and Arcadia – Hieratic
  • Great Shogun’s Rule – Six Samurai
  • Guardian of Kings – Gravekeeper
  • Guardians of Fire – Fire Fist
  • Guardians of the Sacred Sky – The Agent, The Sanctuary in the Sky, Parshath
  • Guided by the Noble Knight – Noble Knight, Infernoble Knight, Noble Arms
  • Hand of Fate – Arcana Force, Flower Cardian
  • Immortal Royalty – Eldlich, Vampire
  • Immovable Samurai – Superheavy Samurai
  • Impending Assassination – Meklord, Timelord
  • Indomitable Knights – The Phantom Knights
  • Inevitability of Chaos – Black Luster Soldier, Chaos
  • Insect Metamorphosis – Inzektor
  • Interdimensional Interlopers – Dream Mirror, Metaphys
  • Invaders from Outer Space – Graydle, Worm
  • Invulnerable Iron Wings – Raidraptor
  • Iron Core Synthetics – Koa’ki Meiru
  • Justice Before Attribute – Ally of Justice
  • Justice from Light – Lightsworn
  • Knowledge of the Mythlords – Mythic Beast, Endymion
  • Legends of Old – Ancient Warriors, Fairy Tale
  • Life Finds a Way – Myutant
  • Life Force Control System – Infernoid, Qli
  • Magnificence of Angels – Valkyrie
  • Mastery of the Grimoire – Prophecy
  • Miraculous Advent – Megalith, Herald, Impcantation
  • Mischievous Specters – Ghostrick
  • Monster Overdrive – Armed Dragon, LV
  • Moonlit Avian Dance – Lunalight, Lyrilusc
  • Mother Nature’s Snare – Traptrix, Hole
  • Natural Selection – Cubic
  • Nebula Cyclone – Photon, Galaxy
  • Neo Space Comrades – Neo-Spacian, Elemental HERO
  • Number Recall – Number, Numeron
  • Onomatopair-Up – Zubaba, Gagaga, Gogogo, Dododo
  • Pearlescent Cyber Dragons – Cyber Dragon, Cyberdark
  • Pledge of Sword – X-Saber, Poker Knights
  • Piercing Winds – Simorgh, Mist Valley, Yosenju
  • Prank Panic! – Prank-Kids, Ojama, Duston
  • Prehistoric Beast Advance – Dinosaur, Jurrac
  • Primordial Rising – Fossil, Paleozoic, Triamid
  • Pyroxene Relinquished – Gem-Knight, Adamancipator
  • Roaring Thunder – Thunder Dragon, Watt
  • Rapid Aircraft Advancement – Mecha Phantom Beast, Machina
  • Rites of the Mirrorworld – Nekroz
  • Roid Nexus – Roid
  • Roused from Destruction – Nephthys, Fire King, Unchained
  • Rulers of Darkness – Dark World, Lair of Darkness, Virus
  • Rulers of the Deep – Phantasm Spiral
  • Savage Crimson Dragon – Resonator, Red Dragon Archfiend
  • Scientific Analysis – Magnet Warrior, Bonding, Chemicritter
  • Scrap Iron Soldiers – Junk, Warrior, Synchron
  • Secret Fighters – SPYRAL, Super Quant
  • Seedling Soul Fey – Sylvan, Sunavalon
  • Seekers of Witchcraft – Magistus, Invoked, Witchcrafter
  • Shark’s Pride – Shark
  • Shifting Gears – Geargia, Gadget, Symphonic Warrior
  • Singular Strike Overthrow – Sky Striker, Mathmech
  • Soaring on Darkest Wings – Blackwing
  • Soldiers from the Storm – Code Talker, Cyberse, Cynet
  • Shot Through Fiction – Rokket
  • Shrouded Heroes – Destiny HERO, Vision HERO
  • Souls of Sublime Gods – Cyber Angel, Shinobird, Dual Avatar
  • Space-Time Transcendents – S-Force, Time Thief, PSY-Frame
  • Spiritual Mastery – Charmer
  • Stardust Ties – Synchron, Stardust
  • Star-Studded Futures – Crusadia, Orcust, World Legacy
  • Supernatural Elements – Monarch, Elementsaber
  • Sword of the Seventh One – Star Seraph, Umbral Horror
  • Synchro Mode Change – Assault Mode
  • Terra Firma Transcendants – Earthbound Immortal, Malefic
  • The Azure in the Ivory – Blue-Eyes
  • The Cost of Dark Powers – Evil Eye, Archfiend
  • The Cerise in the Ebony – Red-Eyes
  • The Darkness Amuses – Amazement, Abyss Actor
  • The First Heroes – Elemental HERO
  • The Great Olds – Egyptian God, Exodia
  • The Hidden Arts – Ninja
  • The Infinite Void – Infernity
  • Those who Stand Against Kings – Metalfoes, Zoodiac
  • Three-Strike Success – Gouki, Dinowrestler
  • Ties to Mother Nature – Gusto, Ritual Beast
  • Timeworn Legacies – Chronomaly
  • Toontastic – Toon, Relinquished
  • Tournament Athletes – U.A., F.A.
  • Traditions of Trickery – Gizmek, Karakuri
  • Transfigured Heroes – Evil HERO, Masked HERO, Xtra HERO
  • Transforming Tech – Morphtronic
  • Valiant Gladiator Beasts – Gladiator Beast
  • Vessels of Freedom – Fur Hire, Plunder Patrol
  • Worthy Adversaries – Subterror, Generaider
  • Warp-Speed Toys – Speedtroid
  • Wind-Up Soldiers – Wind-Up, Deskbot
  • Warriors of Legend – Gaia The Fierce Knight
  • World Cloaked in Magical Power – Sacred Beast, Wicked God, Entity, Yubel
  • Yearning Evil Body – Iswarm

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