What are all the Random Events in The Finals?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Embark Studios

To spice things up, Embark Studios has set up some random events during your competitive game in The Finals.

The virtual gameshow is getting all the hype it deserves. The Finals is showing itself to be an enjoyable experience for both casual and competitive players. The fast gameplay and tight corridors make it a quick in-and-out experience.

While the game is enjoying a boom in the casual side of things, there is a competitive scene to the game with ranked lobbies calculated through fame points. To spice things up, the game adds some random events to keep the players on their toes. These events can tip the balance of any game. Most importantly, it’s a fun spectacle to watch!

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What are the Random Events in The Finals?

The Finals has an assortment of Random Events that trigger anytime after the first half ends. So, you might face one after 10 minutes into the game but will miss out if any team wins before that time. These events are different from the map variations. For example, the sandstorm weather in-game is not considered a random event even though it adds a more dynamic feel to the game.

All the Random Events in The Finals

There are currently 7 different events that can occur during your game. Each of them is unique and influences the game differently.

Meteor Shower

Metero Shower Random Event

Pretty self-explanatory. The arena is under threat of falling meteors around the objective places. They will decimate the environment and destroy any cover you might think you have! Be sure to avoid as much of the chaos as you can.

Low Gravity

Low Gravity Random Event

Low Gravity makes you practically weightless. You will be able to jump higher while falling slower. Light builds can quickly take advantage by using their mobility!

The Dead Go Boom

Avoid the bodies of your fallen enemies as they will explode after a short time! It makes for a hazardous time as you will be greeted with explosions left, right, and center!

Mega Damage

Simplest of all the random events. You will deal more damage during the event duration. Perfect for light classes as they can maneuver around the map and quickly eliminate opponents and secure map control.


Applicable in Bank It, this event will make hunting for kills a spectacle. Each kill will net you more rewards, encouraging teams to look for fights and cash in before the time runs out.

Orbital Laser

The Orbital Laser shoots down beams of energy on players who spend too much time in the same location. It destroys a bit of the environment surrounding the location and deals heavy damage to a small area.

Alien Invasion

One of the more unique events in the game. UFOs enter the arena and shoot the ground near the objectives, wreaking havoc among the players and the environment.

Alien Invasion Random Event

These events last for a little while and change up the gameplay, bringing a bit of randomness to the frenzy of the game. So, take advantage of the chaos and claw your way to the top in The Finals!

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