How to Win More Bank It Games in The Finals?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Embark Studios

With a constant mix of adrenaline and strategy, winning in Bank It in The Finals is harder than it looks!

The Finals took the community by storm with its refreshing concept and gameplay. 3 or 4 teams in two similar yet distinct game modes make for a great time for any squad. Even when playing solo, you can easily gel with your team.

However, nobody likes to lose, and Bank It allows you to make a difference. Unlike cashout, Bank It is the more chaotic game mode in The Finals. While there is no optimal or ‘meta’ way to play the game, there are some tips and strategies you can follow to have a better chance to win.

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How Does Bank It Work?

Bank It is part of the casual game modes in The Finals. In this game mode, 4 teams will battle each other for coins dropped from eliminations and map objectives. These coins need to be deposited in cashout stations that randomly move around the map. The team that deposits $40,000, or has the highest deposited amount after time, wins.

Bank It Game Mode

With 4 teams fighting constantly around limited objectives, the game becomes very hectic very quickly. Therefore, carrying a large number of coins makes you a target, and the announcers make sure of it. So, how do you actually do better in this game mode?

How to Win More Games in Bank It in The Finals

Unlike other modern games with a definite ‘best weapon’ and optimal strategy, the chaotic and random nature of the game makes it a much more open field to do well. While you can get away with having really good aim and movement, you are defenseless while depositing and can be blown up by a well-placed mine.

Nevertheless, there are some easy-to-follow tips and ideas you can follow that will boost your chance of winning more games in Bank It.

Deposit Your Coins Frequently

It seems simple enough! While following the objective doesn’t look like a big tip, you’d be surprised to see how many people run around with a lot of coins on them. They become a large target to make their position a hotspot for combat. Be careful and don’t attract unwanted attention. Playing the objective will net you a win far more consistently.

Depositing Coins in Bank It
Credit: Embark Studios

First in First out of the Coins Vaults

In Bank It, mini-vaults spawn around the map. While all teams will always compete for the first few vaults, later on, you will find some good spacing with the vault spawns, and more often than not, other teams will be too busy fighting. Get in, grab the cash, and fight your way out. You should be quick enough to avoid getting flanked by all the teams at the same time.

Coin Vault in Bank It
Credit: Embark Studios

Take Smart Engagements

Remember that, at times, the game can feel like it’s 3v9. Taking every fight is undoubtedly fun, but drawing attention to yourself is not always a good idea. Be careful about what fights you are taking and whether or not you can disengage. It takes quite some time to get back into the fight if you are team-wiped. Also, you still drop coins if you are eliminated, putting your opponents even further ahead.

Bank It Dropped Coins
Credit: Embark Studios

Use Your Goo Grenades

Goo barriers are a quick roadblock for opponents. It is a unique obstacle that can be destroyed just like other walls in the game. However, it takes a while for bullets to break it down. Use them while you deposit your hard-earned cash for some extra cover and safety.

Goo Wall
credit: embark studios

Teamwork is Key

Teamwork is Key
credit: embark studios

Working as a team is more important than you think. While the game mode is more casually catered to, complimenting your teammates and covering for each other with your abilities and communication will give you an edge over your opponent. Mix and match your specializations, classes, and strategy.

Final Thoughts

The Finals is an excellent mix of casual chaos and competitive drive. Many randomizing factors can level the playing field or give a team an upper hand. Having multiple teams also adds to the chaos, as you cannot plan for every team’s movement. So, getting a grasp on your fundamentals is the best way to give yourself the best chance at winning.

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