Watson and Revenant players have apparently declared war on each other in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends players who usually play as either Watson or Revenant have apparently declared war on each other.

All this started back last season when Revenant looked down upon Watson in the broken ghost quest. Now in season 6, Watson retaliated by calling Revenant “a program with a scary voice and that’s what you will always be“.

Watson and Revenant beef in Apex
image via u/cupcake_yaam

Suffices to say that Revenant players didn’t take this backtalk from Watson lightly and decided to declare war on all the Watson players that they face in the actual games. Furthermore, Revenant players have decided to perform finishers on all the downed Watson players they find on the map.

Watson players also declared war on Revenant players:

However, Watson is not going to take all those heat from Revenant players and just sit back. In season 6, Watson is finally making a valiant attempt at standing up for herself. Watson players in the Wattsonmains subreddit have decided to grab their baguettes and join the war.

Even Tom Casiello who is a writer at Respawn recently confirmed that in season 6, Watson isn’t going to take any more heat from any other legend in the game and she is going to start standing up for herself and with this newfound spirit of independence.

Right now, it is starting to heat up quite a bit as both side of the isle is now performing finishers on each other in the Apex Games. The inclusion of this type of banter is starting to spice things up in Apex Legends season 6.

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