Warzone Streamer Tasty gets Banned for Using an XP Boosting Exploit

Warzone Streamer Tasty has been shadowbanned by Raven Software for using an exploit to level up his account to 1000 in two days.

Call of Duty: Warzone is heading into its final season ahead of MW2’s launch on October 28, 2022. The battle royale has garnered mass appreciation worldwide. However, this near-perfect game has its own share of flaws.

To most players, leveling up has been an annoying issue in Warzone. Streamer and content creator Tasty decided to take matters into his hand and bring forth an exploit to level up. In a recent video, he used an exploit in Fortune’s Keep to take his account to level 1000 in just two days.

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Tasty gets Shadowbanned for Levelling Up Too Fast

Tasty utilized the exploit that enabled him to keep opening chests in a loop on Fortune’s Keep. Most chests provide 400 XP when opened, so it is a small but effective way to bag XP. Furthermore, he used double XP tokens, which essentially doubled his total XP.

Unfortunately, the whole XP hoarding didn’t go well with Raven Software. Just two days after posting his video, he was shadowbanned by the devs for pulling off an unethical stunt. Moreover, he was pushed into the lobbies full of cheaters, which confirmed that he was shadow banned.

As of now, no official announcements have been made about players who have leveled up in the same way. However, Tasty’s current ban situation remains unchanged.

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