Warzone players are already calling out the new Rumble mode as one of the dumbest playlists to ever created

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A lot of players are already showing their frustration on social media calling out the new Rumble mode as one of the dumbest playlists.

Call of Duty: Warzone introduced a new limited-time game mode, Rumble, similar to Team Rumble of Fortnite in Season 4. Warzone Rumble puts players in a 50v50 deathmatch across various areas in the Verdansk map.

However, upon its release players started to complain about it all over the Internet. On Reddit, players are straight-up calling out the new Rumble mode as one of the dumbest playlists to ever created. Some of the players are even stating Rumble as a “joke”.

Players have brought up a bunch of issues regarding the Rumble game mode, such as the game mode is full of sniper camps and with absolutely no cover-up it is very difficult to deal with them let alone enjoy the game mode. As the map on Rumble is relatively small with a huge amount of players, it is quite difficult to flank as well. Players have also pointed out the constant server lag they are encountering in the Rumble.

On Reddit, a lot of players are mainly frustrated because of Rumble replacing one of the best alternative game modes Plunder. On Twitter, players are also blushing Rumble saying, Rumble is the worst and pointless game mode they have ever played.

But some players are actually not disliking the game mode at all. They think, for free players, Rumble is actually a great mode as it helps them leveling up weapons or unlock camos.

Infinity Ward has already introduced players with a bunch of new content on Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 4, which they will continue in the upcoming future as well. But in the meantime, for the players who are waiting for Plunder’s return, Infinity Ward has confirmed that it is returning on Thursday, June 18th.

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