Warzone 2.0: How to Fix Instantly Killed Bug

Are you getting instantly getting killed after returning from the Gulag? Rest assured, as we explained why it happens and how you can fix it in-game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been a massive success worldwide. After the biggest launch of the game, IW has released the revamped battle royale Warzone 2.0, an official sequel to Warzone Caldera.

Warzone 2.0 has introduced many new features, including a brand-new Tarkov-inspired game mode called DMZ. Apart from this new game mode, a new map, new vehicles, and more were released in Warzone 2.0.

Although the game has been an instant hit worldwide, the launch has not been smooth sailing for most players. Furthermore, many players have reported getting killed instantly after returning from the Gulag.

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What is the Instantly Killed Bug in Warzone 2.0?

Players are sent to the Gulag once they are killed in Warzone 2.0. They can redeploy after winning in the Gulag. After returning to action, if the player is downed again, they can be revived by teammates, or if the time runs out, they can be repurchased from buy stations.

Gulag Warzone 2.0
Image via Infinity Ward

However, some players are reporting that they are getting instantly killed once they are downed again after returning from the Gulag. They can not be revived and only return to action if their teammates decide to repurchase them from the buy station.

How to fix the Instantly Killed Bug in Warzone 2.0

Unfortunately, there is no specific fix for this bug. This is an entirely client-side bug. However, Raven Software has been aware of the bug and is actively working to find a fix for this problem. The only course of action would be to wait for the in-game patch to arrive, which will likely fix this serious issue for most players.

Stay frosty as Raven Software is trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. If you still face the bug once it has been fixed, contact Activision support to look for an apparent fix.

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