Warzone 2.0: All DMZ Player Spawns and Exfil Locations

DMZ is Warzone 2.0’s extraction shooter game mode. It features player spawns and exfil locations, which are essential for players to navigate and plan their time in Al Mazrah.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 features its take on Escape from Tarkov. The EFT-inspired game mode DMZ is the newest addition to Warzone’s game mode roster. DMZ is a looter survival game mode that features an infiltrate-exfiltrate situation with perma-death enabled.

Players can loot caches, supply drops, and safes to get their hands on contraband weapons, various items, and, most importantly, money. However, player spawns and exfils are essential to surviving and being good in DMZ.

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All DMZ Player Spawns

There are a total of 24 player spawns in DMZ. These spawns are randomized for every session. While players spawn in safe positions most of the time, sometimes spawns overlap with other squads.

The player spawns in North Industrial and Sarif Bay are the most dangerous. Two squads almost always spawn near each other in these POIs. Players should plan accordingly by fighting or moving away from the conflict area.

The player spawns in Sa’id City, and Rohan Oil is the safest, as other players spawn far away from these two POIs opening up a massive area for looting and moving around.

All DMZ Player Spawns
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All DMZ Player Exfils

There are 14 last zone exfils and 27 normal player Exfils. Three player spawns scattered throughout the map remain open during a typical session. Player Exfils with blue exit signs are normal player spawns that remain open for the first 20 minutes, and after the circle closes, a last exfil opens up on the map marked by the red exit sign.

All Player Exfils
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So, the understanding of player spawns and exfil locations allows players to plan their course accordingly. For more information on Dead drops, Hidden Caches, Strongholds, and Key locations in DMZ, follow our Call of Duty guides.

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