Valve is now forcing CSGO teams to solve all of their conflict of interest issues before the next Major

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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(Image Credit: ESL)

Until now you could have been a partial owner of multiple different CSGO teams at the same time.

In the recent ESL One: Road to Rio tournament, Valve identified 7 different teams who might have a conflict of interest issues. Consequently, Valve gave them until the next Major that is supposed to be held in November to potentially solve all conflict of interest related issues. If somehow they fail to deliver on time, they will not be able to attend the next major that will have a prize pool of $2 million.

Among the teams who have a conflict of interest issues such as Faze, EG(Evil Geniuses), etc, Yeah the Brazilian CSGO team is the main offender in this scenario. According to a report from, multiple owners of this team which include big names such as “TACO“, “dead“, “Coldzera“, “zews” have ties to different organizations. Although these owners claimed that they do not possess any real power in those small organizations.

Before ESL One: Road to Rio, Valve had a pretty lenient way of enforcing any teams that might have a potential conflict of interest with multiple teams. However, from now on Valve will enforce tough laws to prevent any future conflict of interest issues that might arise in the future.

Now, these owners have two options, either adhere to Valve and sell all of their shares of these teams to somebody else within the given time or face Valve’s wrath. Since the next Major is set to be held in November, these players have only five months to decide what they want to do with their share.

Seems like these owners with a possible conflict of interest will most likely sell their share to someone else to avoid getting blacklisted by Valve. The CSGO community is now debating whether or not having such a small stake at these companies can affect the competitive integrity of the big CSGO tournaments or not. Needless to say, Valve is not taking any chances in this matter.

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