The Korean competitive CSGO scene is in shambles as Xeta leaves TYLOO to pursue a career in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Seon-ho “xeta” Son formerly known as “minixeta”, one of the top names in the Korean CSGO scene just announced his retirement from professional CSGO.

From now on, he will be pursuing a new career in VALORANT. Xeta was well known in the Korean CSGO scene. Back in January 2020, he was signed with TYLOO, one of China’s best CSGO team.

The news really broke the hopes of many Korean fans that had high hopes for Xeta to prosper with TYLOO. As it turned out, VALORANT was just too enticing for Xeta. This is not the first time a notable figure in one esports suddenly made a jump to VALORANT. VALORANT’s hype train is still ongoing as more players like Xeta, hiko, sinatraa, skadoodle are either leaving their past games or just straight-up coming out of retirement to join a pro VALORANT roster.

While many CSGO fans in the Asian region had high hopes for TYLOO to win big in the major tournaments, losing talents like Xeta are definitely making things more difficult for them. The VALORANT esports scene in China and Korea have suddenly seen massive interest from both players and tier-1 organizations.

The small-time organizations are also out there hiring talents from different games to make up their VALORANT roster. All of these investments from these teams are making everyone really excited about the future prospect of VALORANT. Meanwhile, CSGO is also seeing a rising casual player base alongside its successful competitive scene. Therefore, CSGO is not going anywhere any time soon.

However, VALORANT seems to have more chances to succeed in the Asian market than CSGO at the moment. More new talents are now out there trying to get noticed by an organization. With all the hype surrounding its competitive scene, it will be interesting to see what type of esport VALORANT actually shapes out to be in the future.

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