VALORANT’s push to imitate CSGO’s ranking system may be a bad idea

VALORANT should follow the footstep of League of Legends

Riot Games recently added ranked mode into the closed beta for VALORANT.

Seems like Riots rush to recreate the rank system of CSGO into their own title may have been a bad idea. Many players are complaining about how they should have implemented their existing system like the one in League of Legends. Being top ten in League has more of a punch than being a Global Elite in CSGO.

Another complaint that came from the community regarding rank was the fact that the whole rank system was kind of underwhelming especially coming from Riot Games. Instead of the traditional Grandmaster and challenger, they instead opted for platinum, diamond, immortal, etc rating.


Credit: Riot Games

The worst part of the ranking system was that the top rank was named “VALORANT“. Many content creators and pros complained that how this will actually have a bad effect on players trying to stand out from the crowd. Having to optimize the search engine for VALORANT VALORANT is just a nightmare for those small creators.

As of now, there isn’t any number ranking at the highest rank of this game. If Riot implements a number system in the high ELO, it would give top players more incentive to continue their grind which will, in turn, make the viewers experience much better.

Unlike CSGO there might not be a separate server like ESEA or Faceit. This at least should incentivize pros to stream more on normal matchmaking. But adding a number ranking at the highest rank will definitely help in the long run. Riot should follow its own successful ranking system that is available in League of Legends instead of CSGO. After all, this is a closed beta, and Riot will definitely refine it further when they officially launch the game.


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