Best Counter-Strike 2 Maps for Premier Matchmaking

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Counter-Strike 2 features reworked and updated versions of the OG CS:GO maps. Here, we will rank all the available maps in CS 2 Premier Matchmaking from best to worst.

Counter-Strike is Valve’s most popular competitive shooter franchise. The last version of this famous franchise is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO, first released in 2012. Since then, this game has built a substantial and loyal player base throughout the years.

After 12 successful years of CS:GO’s release, fans demanded an update to the game, and Valve finally listened. Valve announced Counter-Strike 2 as a free update to modernize CS:GO by utilizing the Source 2 engine. Counter-Strike 2 brings in many fundamental changes, including new volumetric smoke, lighting, rendering, a sub-tick server, and much more, but the core mechanics and gameplay remain the same.

With the power of the Source 2 engine, CS 2 takes the best of CS:GO and makes it better. The old maps of CS:GO are still there. However, some of the maps have been completely reworked, some have seen tweaks to make them more lively, and some are still there to relive the nostalgia.

The full release of CS2 on September 27, 2023, features maps from old CS: GO. Among the maps you can get your hands on, which one will give you the same old vibe, which will feel like new, or which will be the best one to play matchmaking right now? We have ranked them for you.

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Are Counter-Strike 2 Maps Different from CS:GO?

Counter-Strike 2 brought every map from CS:GO. Meaning that all the maps that existed in CS:GO still remain in CS 2. However, Counter-Strike 2 capitalizes on Source 2’s extra features that CS:GO couldn’t. As a result, many changes have been made to all the maps.

Firstly, Valve slightly changed some maps, like Ancient and Anubis, as they were already balanced and recently introduced. As a result, they call them Touchstone maps. Moreover, the maps that needed a little change were named the Upgrade maps. In the Upgrade maps, Valve made some lighting, material, and reflection changes.

Lastly, Valve made complete overhauls to the maps that have been long forgotten. These maps have stayed untouched for a long time, and the developers thought CS 2 would be the perfect time to overhaul them.

How Many Maps are There in Counter-Strike 2?all maps


  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Overpass
  • Nuke
  • Anubis
  • Ancient
  • Vertigo

Casual and Deathmatch:

  • Dust 2
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Overpass
  • Nuke
  • Anubis
  • Ancient
  • Vertigo
  • Italy (Hostage Rescue Mode)
  • Office ( Hostage Rescue Mode)


  • Overpass
  • Vertigo
  • Inferno
  • Nuke

Best maps for Premier Matchmaking

Here, we will rank the best maps currently available in CS2 from best to worst. Also, we will only consider the maps available for Premier Matchmaking mode.

  1. Mirage

    A classic CS: GO map and categorized as Touchstone. This fan-favorite map has not seen many changes and has just been visually upgraded. So old players won’t have to learn new things and will feel at home while grinding for rank.
  2. Nuke

    Categorized as Upgraded, Nuke has only seen some visual updates. The overall rendering and lighting of the map have been reworked.
  3. Vertigo

    Another Touchstone. The map is almost the same as it was last upgraded in CS: GO. Grinding rank should feel familiar.
  4. Overpass

    This one has been overhauled. The map has been reworked from the ground. But still, it seems more familiar than Inferno!
  5. Inferno

    It is a timeless classic that has seen a complete change in CS2. No matter how many times you played this map, this will feel like a completely new one. You need to learn new angles, new smoke lineups, or make new tactics.
  6. Ancient

    This one sits in the Touchstone category. The reworked Ancient is visually stunning, but it’s still the same map with minor changes.
  7. Anubis

    A maze-like map that you will probably ban first. This one is also a Touchstone map. There is only a little update except for lighting and rendering. But if you happen to play this anyhow, look for the water visuals!

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There you go! These are all the Premier CS 2 maps ranked from best to worst. As Counter-Strike 2 is still in its early stages, the ranking might change in the future.

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