VALORANT’s next agent codenamed “Deadeye” has been teased in the Year One Anthem

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: ValorLeaks

Just right on the heels of their latest agent kay/o reveal, Riot Games have already teased their next agent in VALORANT codenamed “Deadeye”.

In the recent Year One Anthem where Riot Games celebrated all the content creators in VALORANT, they teased a new character who could be a possible future agent. Riot loves to tease their upcoming agents and maps via player cards and teasers scatted throughout the maps.

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Usually, these leaks become more widespread before a new agent release. But in this case, Riot teased another new agent way before their usual schedule. Although it isn’t that surprising since Riot already assured players that they were planning on releasing 6 agents per year.

YouTube video

New agent “Deadeye”

Based on the teasers so far, we just have some screenshots. Nothing regarding abilities or the real name of this agent has been revealed. Also, the codename “Deadeye” appeared on the guns in Year One Anthem.

More and more images of this new elusive agent have started to appear online. We’ll update this article with more relevant information about this agent as soon as new information is revealed.

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