VALORANT Episode 3 Lore: Did KAY/O reveal trailer solved the mystery of Duality?

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games surprised fans with the Duality trailer that confirmed the existence of the parallel world that some fans were speculating about since VALORANT launched back in 2020.

The first launch trailer of VALORANT started the world-building phase where they teased a certain accident regarding the Radianite boxes creating a massive explosion. Based on some voice lines from Jett, she was blamed for this catastrophic event.

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In VALORANT, Riot Games chose to deliver lore information via snippets of voice lines and most importantly cinematic shorts. The recent Duality trailer even confirmed an old fan theory that there might be multiple parallel worlds in the VALORANT universe.

Duality lore spoilers

Now in Episode 3’s new agent reveal trailer, we can clearly see Kay/o the new agent seems to be going through a training simulation montage. And the trailer ended with Kay/o fighting an Evil Reyna presumably from the alternate world.

YouTube video

One really detail-oriented fan came up with a fan theory suggesting training data is needed for this algorithm implying that KAY/O needs to have fought Radiants before being woken up on Earth 1. This is further supported by the cut to Reyna in the reveal trailer and KAY/O’s voice line “I won’t lose you all again”.

Furthermore, this theory suggests Earth 2 might be a wasteland where Reyna and maybe other Radiants committed atrocities. And Kay/o was created to fight them, but since the evolutionary algorithms lacked the data required to efficiently fight against these Radiants Kay/o was defeated.

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Therefore in Episode 3, the main goal regarding Duality might be to stop these evil Radiants from Earth 2 by garnering more experience from this Earth 1. However, take these speculations with a grain of salt since these are all based upon fan theories.

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