VALORANT’s new Smite Lightning Skin Bundle first look, price, release date, and more

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valorant Leaks

Riot Games just recently released their EGO BY ONETAP skin bundle with the tagline “feed your ego”.

Data miners have already revealed what the next skin bundle will look like ahead of the official announcement. And players who have a certain affinity towards lightning will definitely appreciate this new skin bundle in VALORANT.

The new skin bundle is called “Smite Lightning Skin Bundle“. And this new bundle will feature skins for Odin, Phantom, Classic, Judge, and Knife. As the name implies, these skins feature lightning with some icy blue highlights at the front of the weapons. Therefore, players who are looking for something more flashy to show off with their high K/D ratio, these new lightning skins should do the job just fine.

Smite Lightning Skin Bundle first look:

Smite Lightning Skin Bundle
Image via VALORANT Leaks

Furthermore, data miners have also revealed what the skins will look like in the game.

Smite Lightning Skin Bundle Price:

Seems like this new smite lightning collection falls under the Select Edition of skins in VALORANT. So expect to pay at least 875 VALORANT points for individual skins while the knife will cost even more as usual.

Smite Classic (875 VP)
Smite Odin (875 VP)
Smite Judge (875 VP)
Smite Phantom (875 VP)
Smite Knife (1,750 VP)

VALORANT skin tiers.
Image via Riot Games

Smite Lightning Skin Bundle Release Date:

As of now the exact release date of these new skin bundles is TBA. Although there is a good possibility that Riot Games might release this new Smite collection before the next big update goes live in VALORANT.

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