VALORANT patch 1.09 will include a possible fix to the terrible map RNG in the game, confirmed by the game’s director

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT has a tendency to give players the same map over and over again. And this has been a part of the game ever since the official release.

Even now players are sometimes getting the exact same map couple of times in a row. As a result, many players are getting frustrated with some of these maps. While previously VALORANT’s game director assured the community that a possible fix is in the works, the exact release date of that fix was still unknown.

VALORANT’s game director gives a preview

Riot Games just delayed the VALORANT patch 1.09 by 24 hours because of some unexpected occurrences. In order to ease the player base, VALORANT’s game director confirmed that the next patch 1.09 will include some adjustments to how matchmaking works so that players are less likely to get the same map several times in a row.

The VALORANT community finally breathes a sigh of relief with the news that Riot Games is actually coming up with a fix to the annoying map RNG in the game. Getting the exact same map over and over again really made some players almost quit the game.

Seems like Riot is finally taking it seriously. And the next VALORANT patch 1.09 will definitely include all the changes necessary so that players don’t have to face this issue anymore.

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