VALORANT’s game director confirmed that they are reevaluating the whole ranking system from “top to bottom”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Ever since Riot Games introduced the ranked mode in VALORANT, players have been constantly complaining about the matchmaking system in the game.

The matchmaking state of VALORANT’s competitive mode is in complete shambles right now as solo players are finding it really difficult to climb the rank ladder. Furthermore, the current ranking system has made it easier for five-man stacks to boost or inflate players’ rank. Consequently, it has made it really hard to just play a normal match in the ranked mode.

VALORANT rank revamp
Image via Riot Games

Many professional players and streamers/content creators alike have shared their frustrations with the ranked system in VALORANT. Additionally, the whole ranking system is currently missing a lot of features that players want. And the absence of a leaderboard is also a hindrance for pro players.

Riot Games might revamp the whole ranking system:

VALORANT’s Game director finally broke his silence on the matter. And he further explained that they are currently analyzing the whole ranking system in the game from “top to bottom“.

Even though they still haven’t committed to any solutions as of now, they are actively trying the improve every aspect of the competitive experience in the game. Currently, five-man stacks, inflated ranking systems, longer queue time, leavers, etc are some of the problems that players are facing almost every day.

Additionally, players also want a more clear indicator of when and how they are losing or gaining ranking points. Currently, it seems like players are sometimes losing ranks way too easily. Players just want a more clear indicator of how they are getting deranked.

Even though Riot already stated that they will include an indicator that will give players a clue on how they are losing RP, players are now asking Riot to show them the exact numbers that they are losing. Which in turn should help them understand exactly what is going on in the ranking system behind the scene.

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