VALORANT’s 21st Agent Harbor AKA Mage Has Been Revealed

Riot has officially revealed the 21st Agent that players have been waiting for. And, his name will be Harbor.

Riot Games is well known for its marketing tactics for promoting its game to the mass audience. The company puts tremendous effort into building VALORANT’s content so that the players not only get to play the games but also experience the story and its characters.

VALORANT usually releases a new Agent every two months. As, Fade was released on April 27, 2022, it is almost time for a new Agent to emerge. In a recent reveal, a mysterious Agent’s codename, “Mage” was found in the game. Players are excited and waiting for the new Agent to set foot in the game.

Although it has been really long since a new Agent was released, Riot has finally revealed information regarding the new Agent. Seems like he will enter the VALORANT universe in the next Act. Although his abilities aren’t revealed, leaks suggest he will be a Controller character.

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21st Agent Harbor AKA Mage

From previous leaks, we already got an idea that the 21 Agent Harbor will be from India. And Riot has already teased us with a mysterious character with a power source: Varun Vatra. So, experts believed that Varun Vatra will be Harbor who will come to VALORANT as the 21st Agent. And, the recent announcement from Riot confirmed it.

21st Agent was previously coded as Mage. However, Riot Games recently released his picture, and he is called Harbor. However, his abilities are yet to be revealed.

Harbor Release Date

With all these leaks and teasers coming out, Harbor will likely be coming with the release of Episode 5 Act 3, which is set to go live on October 19, 2022. However, without Riot’s official announcement on Harbor, it is just a guessing game.

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