VALORANT Winter Wonderland skin bundle: first look, release date, Candy Cane melee variants, price, and more

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valorant Leaks/ Riot Games

A new leak in VALORANT just revealed a new holiday focused skin collection called “Winter Wonderland”.

Winter Wonderland is a really unique skin collection. All the skins in this bundle have two different modes. Basically, Winter Wonderland reacts to sunlight. Depending on if you are in the shadow or under direct sunlight, the skin will display two totally different images.

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When players are in the shadow they will be greeted with a cozy-looking night-themed image with some houses in winter covered with lights. However, if you are under direct sunlight the skins will show the same houses in clear daylight covered in snow.

Furthermore, these night and day images will change dynamically depending on where you are on the map at that time.

Winter Wonderland first look:

Candy Cane melee different variants

Winter Wonderland price:


Winter Wonderland release date:


There will also be a snowball fight game mode during the holiday season. And players will also receive a holiday-themed Gun Buddy.

The exact release date of the Winter Wonderland skin is still uncertain as of writing. Since Holiday is just around the corner, there is a high probability that Riot would sell its players base some holiday-themed cosmetic items.

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Some additional skin sets

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