VALORANT Team Ace Skin Bundle: Price, Release Date, & More

Nafiu Aziz
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We finally have a glimpse into the next skin bundle in VALORANT called “Team Ace”.

As VALORANT is a free-to-play tactical shooter game, Riot Games releases new skin bundles every other week to let players customize their play sessions. This year, Riot Games’ cosmetic department has been putting on quite a show.

And seem like they have no intentions of slowing down as some data miners have already revealed the next skin set for 2022. The next skin bundle is called Team Ace. Based on the first reveal images, it seems like Riot is going for an agent-themed skin line for the next bundle.

The Team Ace skin bundle features a unique color scheme based on different agents. Basically, it has similar characteristics as the previous VALORANT GO skin bundle. Each skin in this bundle highlights one specific agent’s color.

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Team Ace First Look

The Frenzy skin in this bundle is themed after Yoru and features a blue and black color scheme. And the Judge skin is themed after Raze, and it has a bright yellow and orange color scheme. Fortunately, this bundle has a skin for both the Vandal and the Phantom, and they are themed after Reyna and Pheonix, respectively.

Lastly, there is a light blue and black-colored Operator skin-themed after Jett. Unfortunately, the Team Ace skin bundle doesn’t contain any melee skin.

VALORANT Team Ace Skin
Image via ValorantUpdated

Available for:

  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Operator

Team Ace Player Cards

Team Ace Player Cards
Image via ValorantUpdated

Team Ace Skin Price:

Team Ace is a Deluxe tier Skin line, meaning the price of individual skin is around 1275 VP.
Price per Playercard – 375VP
Price per Spray – 325VP
Gunbuddy Price – 475VP

Team Ace Skin Bundle Release Date:


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