VALORANT: some easy to use Viper’s Pit lineups on Icebox

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Viper is still a pretty impactful agent in the game despite being so underutilized in most pro tournaments in VALORANT.

Riot did recently gave her some decent buffs, but she is still not getting picked in top-tier tournaments or ranked games. Although some players still argue no one has properly unlocked her true potential yet. With some of her kits like Viper’s pit, learning some easy to use lineups can create some crazy outplay opportunities.

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Furthermore, her viper pit can be used to slow down enemy push through some small chokepoints throughout some maps. On top of that, her kits can put out extra passive damage as it makes opponents more vulnerable during a chaotic gunfight.

ICEBOX viper lineups
Image via Riot Games

Viper Icebox Lineups

Following the recent changes to Icebox, some players agree Viper can be a great tool in some unique post-plant situations. These simple lineups can definitely help in denying your opponents from starting or in some cases faking a defuse. And that may tip the scale in your favor.

Icebox has been pretty divisive among the VALORANT player base. Since every map in VALORANT has to have some sort of gimmick, for Icebox it was some trippy vertical angles.

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However, in the recent patch 1.14, it was clear Riot is listening as they made some really welcome changes to some part of the map.

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