VALORANT Sentinels of Light Skin Bundle: First Look, Melee, Color Variants, Price, Release Date, & More

Riot’s cross-game event “Sentinels of Light” themed skins are finally coming to VALORANT.

Riot Games has already released the Ruination skin bundle in VALORANT. And its companion the Sentinels of Light skin bundle is coming very soon. VALORANT data miners have already revealed details regarding the upcoming skin bundle.

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According to the data miners, the Sentinels of Light bundle will feature Ares, Operator, Sheriff, and Vandal. Similar to the Ruination bundle, it will also feature a melee variant called “Relic of the Sentinel”.

image via Riot Games

Sentinels of Light Skin bundle First Look:

Based on the cover art of the event, we can already see a glimpse of the vandal skin that will arrive alongside the event.

Sentinels of Light Color Variants

Matching with the Ruination skin bundle, it looks like a premium tier skin so there will be different color variations of the base skin. According to the leaks, this bundle will contain pink, red/green, and blue/purple variants.

Sentinels of Light Skin Price:


As these appear to be premium tier skins, expect to pay around 2175 VP for each skin individually or 8700 VP for the full bundle.

Sentinels of Light Skin Release Date:

The Sentinels of Light skin bundle will be available in the official store on July 21, 2021.

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